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Amazing Quality & Service!
"Obsessed with the quality of this product! It was an easy product to add to your regime and eliminates any annoying bumps/irritation that may be caused. My order shipped extremely fast, I was shocked to see how soon it arrived! The personalized note was a great touch! "
Jeff B.
So Hot
"love ❤️ it ! Thank you "
Danielle S.
"Having had any problems, I love it "
Bushbalm !
"Hello! I have sold out so I will be making another order soon.! My clients were excited to try it! Sweet Escape sold quicker.. the smell is amazing! Thank you again...I really love this product! do you have plans to make any more products? lotions etc. The Sugarist London"
Trish T.
Great product!
"I've been using this product for a little over a week and I'm already noticing a huge difference!"
It works!
"I love this item. I'm happy that I got to try all 3 types to make a decision.. I fell in love with Sweet Escape for its smell. I had really bad ingrown hairs on the sides of my bikini line. Took some time and exfoliating and now my red bumps have shrunk and any ingrown hairs have come out easily. I would recommend putting the oil on at night time, as I would manage to get some oil on my clothes during the day. Overall, great product and I just purchased the larger size of Sweet Escape as well as the men's oil for my boyfriend! Finally- some relief!! "
Love it!!
"Love this product!! "
Clean, Simple, Fresh, and Luxurious
"Soft and simple are two words that come to mind. The clean smell and awesome feel makes this product a great go to for people who are sensitive to scents but want all the benefits of the moisturizing oils!"
Matthew V.
"Wonderful no more ingrown hairs"
Valerie G.
great customer service, great product
"I was nervous when initially purchasing this product. Prom was coming up and I wanted to tackle my ingrown hairs, but many products promise similar results and I didn’t understand the difference between Bush Balm and the others. I emailed customer service and immediately got a response! Not only was I given tips and recommendations, but David said he hoped this would work well for me for prom! I was given a discount code and decided to purchase the nude oil! It smells strongly of tea tree oil, but I don’t mind. I use it on my underarms before and after I shower and shave. I decided to grow out my hairs until from so I would get a good shave but ended up waxing for the first time, and the Nude Oil made it easier to wax because my ingrown hairs were more cooperative! I was comfortable and confident during prom, and my hairs are softer and healthier than ever! I want to try out different oils now, I hear they smell amazing! Thank you David for your incredible customer service, and thank you Bush Balm for giving me the confidence to dance and take awesome photos all prom night long!"
Natalie D.
Promo Pack
"I loved it. Ordered a full bottle "
Kristine F.
Leaky bottles
"I appreciate the customer service & that you sent me out a second set of oils in replace of the oils that leaked through, but these ones were leaked through as well. So I don’t think Bushbalm is for me. It’s harder for me to sell them at full price if they’re all leaked through. "
Jennifer C.
"This product is amazing!!!! I have struggled with ingrown hair for ever. This product has cleared it up within 2 weeks!"
"I just started using this stuff. I really like it. No more red bumps or itching along my bikini line. "
"Makes my skin feel soft! "
Great Product
"Have been using this product for only a few days now but I already know it’s a new favourite. As someone with extremely sensitive and blemish prone skin, I can already see how effective it is after shaving with preventing razor burn and ingrown hairs. Not to mention all the scents smell amazing! I definitely see this product being a part of my daily routine. Thanks Bushbalm!"
Surprising and amazing
"I can definitely feel a difference in the texture of my skin in my bikini area where I have been testing it. I have not been using it every day, but most days. The sweet smell is a bit too sweet for me. The earthy smell is nice but I don't know if I want it every day. I havent tested the beachy scent yet. I have been using it for about 2 weeks and I cant wait to buy a whole bottle!"
Amber D.
Very nice smelling
"I’m loving the smells. I just am not sure if it has really helped yet. Still testing it. "
Jessica M.
Good riddions bikini bumps!
"I have a hormone disorder which causes my thighs, bum, and bikini line to get little irritated bumps, so hair removal is very painful for me. I have tried everything to fix my skin so I feel confident showing off my legs. This stuff is INCREDIBLE! After 1 use it cleared up nearly every little bump. I cannot say enough about how grateful I am I found this product back. It gave me my skin back!!!!!! THANK YOU BUSH BALM SO SO MUCH! You gave me my skin and confidence back like I'm actually tearing up. I can't express how it feel to feel comfortable in your own skin again. Bless you! "
Love it! Buy it!
"Smells soo good. Males me feel soft and smooth. You will love it!"
carina h.
Highly Recommend
"This product is amazing. I will definitely be buying a big bottle when I finish the samples. It does everything it says it will and I am very satisfied with the purchase. Shipping was fast and the samples last quite a while. "
Rachel D.
Sample pack
"Great product overall! The oils really do help with ingrowns if applied consistently. I’m a water so having an aftercare product is important to prevent ingrowns. I love the sample pack because they’re good for traveling! I took one to Jamaica and it lasted me the whole week :) the top is sort of hard to get off but that’s easy to get over! I love all 3 scents. But Bermuda is my fave. "
Kathleen F.
It's easy to sell a good product!
"I've tried Bush Balm myself, Wilderness, and its a solid product. Setting up this potential sales gem reminds me of my days as a Calvin Klein sales rep: it's easy to sell good product! -R "
Ryan S.
Awesome stuff!
"I love the smell of this oil, as well as the way it makes my skin/hair feel. I just got waxed and used it afterwards and it was really great at making my skin less irritated. I just bought two more bottles in other scents as well!"
Cassie H.
Best skin and hair oil
"My skin is so silky smooth and it helps with irritation. I actually use it everywhere and I smell freaking fantastic. Plus the customer service team went out of their way to help me when I had a concern. I love this product and recommend it to anyone. "
Karolynne C.
"The scents are amazing and the oils are smooth but not that gross oily texture I love them!"
Abigail L.
Love the scent and texture.
"Enjoy using this scent after trying out the sample and would recommend to others."
Cristy D.
I love that this product
"I love that this product is natural and non-comedogenic. Very light and pleasantly scented. On a scale of 1-10 I would give this product a 10 and I definitely would recommend to my clients. "
Sarah J.
Excellent Customer Service
"The product is great! Does what it's advertised to do and the scents are lovely. Furthermore, the customer service is excellent! My first package arrived with leakage from one of the bottles. I notified the team just for their own awareness but they ended up sending me a replacement without my asking! Definitely recommend this product and well done to the team for how lovely you all are <3"
Irene K.
Loved the oil.
"Loved the product, however I wish it was packaged a little more discretely. I got a couple looks at the post office for all of the bushbalm tape. "
Ally M.