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Tea Tree Oil - 4 unique ways it can help your skin and body

Tea Tree Oil - 4 unique ways it can help your skin and body

For years, tea tree oil was an essential oil that was used on the skin, but not discussed. The press is finally raving about it, and here's why! 

4 Uses of Tea Tree Oil on your Skin You Wouldn't Expect

1. Use tea tree oil to soothe cuts 

Apply tea tree oil in combination with an antiseptic to help soothe sores faster. Avoid eyes and mouth while doing this. 

2. Apply tea tree oil to reduce cold sores

You likely don't want to apply a 100% tea tree oil solution, but you can apply a lighter dose to a cold sore area to kill bacteria and prevent cold sores. 

3. Use moderate amounts of tea tree oil to soothe acne 

Mild or moderate acne can benefit from a light application of tea tree oil. Applying a 5% tea tree oil gel or cream to the effected area can help soothe acne. Tea tree oil can work a little slower than benzoyl peroxide, but seems to be less irritating to facial skin. 

4. Use tea tree oil to soothe jock itch 

Jock itch could be caused by many things. It could be as simple as irritation from your underwear. Applying tea tree oil, in combination with highly expensive Jojoba oil, or another base oil can help soothe the irritation. 

Is tea tree oil in Bushbalm

tea tree oil uses

Bushbalm has a small percentage of tea tree oil! The combination with Jojoba and Grapeseed make it perfect for soothing irritation, softening skin, and making skin less prone to ingrown hairs. 

Other uses of Bushbalm 

  • Softening eyebrows 
  • Soothing redness and bumps 
  • Softening cuticles 
  • Preventing ingrown hairs 

Tea tree oil in Bushbalm to prevent ingrown hairs



How does oil soothe ingrown hairs? - Watch below to find out!

How does oil soothe ingrown hairs? - Watch below to find out!

What are the benefits of Bushbalm ingrown oil? 

Since Bushbalm ingrown oil has carrier oils such as Jojoba, it reduces irritation when it comes to ingrown hairs. Also, the Tea Tree Oil content will use natural properties to help with discomfort without the potential side effects of prescription or corticosteroids you would get at the pharmacy. This is what makes Bushbalm effective for ingrown hairs. 

ingrown oil for ingrown hairs

Ingrown Serum to Prevent Ingrown Hairs - What you need to know...

Ingrown Serum to Prevent Ingrown Hairs - What you need to know...

There are a few questions we hear all the time. This blog post is meant to give you some knowledge and advice on the best options to rid yourself of ingrown hairs... anywhere. 

ingrown hair products

"How to get rid of ingrown hair on legs"

This is a common question and phrase we hear. Some people get ingrown hairs on their legs if they wear tighter pants, or shave with too much force. It's certainly not uncommon, so here are some tips. 

  1. Shave with a lighter pressure. If you shave with too much force, you are apt to breakout and get more ingrown hairs. This is a simple solution, but often quite effective. 
  2. Moisturize within 2 minutes of showering. By moisturizing within 2 minutes, you get the skin and pores when they are most receptive to healing. 
  3. Buy high quality, soft clothing. This is horrible advice for your wallet, but it helps significantly when it comes to irritation. Lululemon is a great option, as the leggings are soft and gentle on the skin. Many men with sensitive skin swear by their dress shirts. 

Lululemon Leggings

"How to prevent ingrown hairs after waxing

As waxing has become more popular, this problem has become more of an epidemic. Ingrown hairs are taking over our lives and we're not going to stand for it any longer. Here are a few tips to prevent and soothe those pesky ingrown pubic hairs. 

  1. Rub your skin with a towel or exfoliating sponge every time you shower or bathe. Do this inbetween waxes and you'll make the skin more receptive for when you get your wax. 
  2. Apply a pubic serum to help soothe. Getting an oil that contains Jojoba and Tea Tree will help prevent ingrown hairs from occurring, as well as soothe them if they come up. This will also help with dryness and irritation. 

ingrown serum to prevent ingrown hairs