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How to lighten your private areas naturally

To start this blog I'd love to establish that dark spots, hyperpigmentation and darker private ares aren't uncommon. These conditions happen to many of us, but we often don't talk about them. I'd love to use this article to give you more information on why they happen and what you can do to naturally lighten your private areas or dark spots. 

Steps Smoother Skin  

  1. Exfoliate Frequently 
  2. Use a 100% Natural Oil with Vitamin C
  3. Know your body and how it reacts to shaving, waxing or other potential irritants 

Exfoliate Frequently for Blemish Free Skin 

By exfoliating frequently you can remove dead skin cells and start the process of lightening dark spots. Without exfoliating you won't see the same results you'd want to see. Oils or dark spot treatments aren't able to penetrate deep enough without true exfoliation. This is the start to naturally lightening these areas and/or your private area. 

Lighten your private areas

Use a Natural Dark Spot Treatment 

There are several natural dark spot treatments, as well as chemical based dark spot treatments. We'd recommend our Bermuda Oil, which is our 100% natural dark spot treatment, which is high in Vitamin C. You'll typically see slower results from a natural dark spot treatment, but the repercussions of trying a chemical based are likely not worth it. 

Dark Spot treatment

Work on Less Irritation for Fewer Dark Spots 

Dark spots are often caused by irritation to the skin. The private areas are often chaffed and/or mostly covered in clothing. This can lead to discolouration or spots to appear. We recommend knowing your body and understanding when your bikini line needs a break. This break might mean simply wearing your most comfortable shorts or investing in some comfortable sleep attire. 


Irritation to your skin has many consequences. One main is any sort of discolouration. If you think about a scar, you understand the slight change in colour and the visibility of that. 

How to fade dark spots on your skin

How to fade dark spots on your skin

What are dark spots and how do they appear? 

Dark spots start may appear in skin, as it starts making extra melanin, the substance that gives skin its color.

Many triggers to extra melanin can be found below: 

  • A pimple as it clears 
  • An ingrown hair that's healing 
  • Healing razor burn may cause dark spots 
  • Certain medications or skincare treatments may cause dark spots 
  • A skin or hair care product irritates your skin

Dark spot Treatment by Bushbalm

How long does it take to fade dark spots? 

Fading dark spots is a long time challenge. It takes months and months of regular use of our Bermuda Oil (which contains Vitamin C), as well as regular exfoliation. The combination of moisturizing with a dark spot treatment and exfoliating will help speed up the process. The exfoliation is often forgotten when trying to treat dark spots, so don't forget! 

Dark spots are far more common than you think. They are often not talked about, which has led to fewer products being available on the market. Additionally, this has led to fewer all natural products being created for this category. 

 What should be avoided when treating dark spots? 

Try to avoid unnatural products, such as steroids, mercury or even bleach in some cases. For best results you'll actually want to avoid the sun and be extra careful with sunscreen. Additionally, you should look for products that contain Vitamin C. 

Dark Spot Treatment


What is pubic hair oil?

You've potentially seen pubic hair oil or products to help treat redness and ingrown hairs. There are several types and in this blog post we will walk through what they are. 

What is pubic hair oil? 

Generally an oil or combination or oils to soften pubic hair and reduce redness. There are primarily natural formulas and those made from alcohol or acid bases. 

this is pubic hair oil

What is a natural redness reducer?  

Natural pubic oils are usually made with a base or carrier oil, followed by other natural oils to help with irritation. A common ingredient is Jojoba Oil and Grapeseed Oil as the carriers 

What are acid or alcohol redness reducers? 

There are some popular products out there that use harsh chemicals to essentially burn away ingrown hairs. We don't recommend these products, as we feel you could do this naturally with anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as tea tree oil.