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How to trim pubic hair for females in 5 steps

Trimming pubic hair for females guide

Step 1 

Make the cleanup quick and easy! You can either trim over top of the toilet, tub, or put some newspaper down below a chair. This will make it easier to clean up the hair. 

Step 2

Depending on your body type you may need to adjust your body to see your pubic region adequately. If you need help, you can always sit directly in front of a mirror. This is to ensure you have a good view of the sensitive area! 

Step 3 

Place the comb in your pubic hair and trim the hairs through it. This will keep the scissors and your skin separated, so you don't accidentally cut yourself. It's important to remain safe, as it's a sensitive area. 

Step 4 

Trim the hairs you feel comfortable trimming. Don't overdo it when you are trimming the hairs. If you are going onto waxing or shaving, you can get those hairs at that time. 

Step 5 

Consider applying Bushbalm to your pubic region. This will help soften the stubble that may appear from trimming your pubic hair. If you'd like, you can use 'BUSHBALM10' to get 10% off your first order with us. 


6 Sugaring spas you have to follow on Instagram!

6 Sugaring spas you have to follow on Instagram!


One of Ottawa's premier spas, Spa Junkie specializes in sugaring. Their modern location in downtown Ottawa is perfect for anyone on the go. Follow their Instagram to learn about new products, techniques, and to just have a good time! They've recently been nominated for a Top Choice Award. 

Ottawa, Canada 


Bare Fruit boasts two stunning locations in Long Island, New York. They not only have inspiring instagram posts, but they run a Bold & Bare club to give you discounts on your sugars. Follow them for special before and after photos!

New York, USA 


The Sweet Peach Instagram account is one that always gets a good laugh! It's not only funny, but also interesting and informative. Give this 4 location spa a follow and you won't regret it.

Georgia, USA 


Not only does Sugar Sugar have an engaging Instagram account, they have a very refreshing website. Expect lots of video content and gorgeous photo shoots from the Sugar Sugar Instagram!

Arizona, USA 


The Sugar Moon Instagram is full of inspirational quotes that are bound to make your day better! They also have several promotions and deals you can take advantage of in any of their 3 Toronto locations.

Toronto, Canada 


Bare Body Sugaring likely has the most followers and highest produced photos of all on this list. The theme of their instagram seems to be "be yourself, you got this"... which is absolutely amazing! Pictures featuring all different body types, ethnicities... and about 100 different types of underwear.

Winnipeg, Canada 

Sugaring Spas "One of the many attractive features about sugaring is that the paste is 100 percent organic, all-natural, and is water soluble. It is also the most sanitary form of hair removal because one ball of paste is used for an entire region; there is no cross-contamination at any time during the hair-removal service. The sugar paste is also never hot enough to burn the professional or the client." - Catherine Kooiman

Tea Tree Oil - 4 unique ways it can help your skin and body

Tea Tree Oil - 4 unique ways it can help your skin and body

For years, tea tree oil was an essential oil that was used on the skin, but not discussed. The press is finally raving about it, and here's why! 

4 Uses of Tea Tree Oil on your Skin You Wouldn't Expect

1. Use tea tree oil to soothe cuts 

Apply tea tree oil in combination with an antiseptic to help soothe sores faster. Avoid eyes and mouth while doing this. 

2. Apply tea tree oil to reduce cold sores

You likely don't want to apply a 100% tea tree oil solution, but you can apply a lighter dose to a cold sore area to kill bacteria and prevent cold sores. 

3. Use moderate amounts of tea tree oil to soothe acne 

Mild or moderate acne can benefit from a light application of tea tree oil. Applying a 5% tea tree oil gel or cream to the effected area can help soothe acne. Tea tree oil can work a little slower than benzoyl peroxide, but seems to be less irritating to facial skin. 

4. Use tea tree oil to soothe jock itch 

Jock itch could be caused by many things. It could be as simple as irritation from your underwear. Applying tea tree oil, in combination with highly expensive Jojoba oil, or another base oil can help soothe the irritation. 

Is tea tree oil in Bushbalm

tea tree oil uses

Bushbalm has a small percentage of tea tree oil! The combination with Jojoba and Grapeseed make it perfect for soothing irritation, softening skin, and making skin less prone to ingrown hairs. 

Other uses of Bushbalm 

  • Softening eyebrows 
  • Soothing redness and bumps 
  • Softening cuticles 
  • Preventing ingrown hairs 

Tea tree oil in Bushbalm to prevent ingrown hairs