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5 Products as Unique as Bush Balm

5 Products as Unique as Bush Balm

1. Real Pet Fur Watches 

Analog Watch Co 

Simply send them 2-4 oz of your pets fur in an airtight bag. Once it arrives at their studio, the magic begins! They'll developed a handcrafted watch with your pets fur.

2. 100% Beef Jerky Roses 

Say It With Beef 

There's nothing more classy then sending someone a bouquet of roses... do one better and send a dozen roses of beef! 

3.  Full Mouse Taxidermy Kit 

Fire Box

Haven't you always wanted to stuff a rat? Well, now you can get a full kit to turn your household rodent into a household talking piece. 

4. Muffin Jean Covers 

Perpetual Kid

How can you not like these cute little muffin top pants? Adorable I say! 

5. Nessie the Beautiful Ladle 

Animica USA 

Nessie is the perfect addition to any dinner party. Let her float around and say hi to your guests! 

Don't Forget... Bushbalm Pubic Oil 

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