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Bushbalm... Confidence in a bottle!

Bushbalm... Confidence in a bottle!

Customer Testimonial from Wax That 

One of our wholesalers from Wax That wanted to share the experience that one of her clients has had after using BushBalm! 

"Never in a million years would my client think she would be able to workout again and wear what she wanted pants wise without being irritated by ingrown hairs. Hundreds of hairs laying horizontally layers under her skin. Lotions, oils, dry brushes, I even tried extracting some of them! Nothing worked. They were deep down and under, but noticeable and painful! Until BushBalm was introduced to her.. I sent her home with some complimentary samples and she was hooked. 3 months later she is down 75% of those ingrown hairs and couldn’t be happier. 'It’s changed my life' is an understatement.'

Try BushBalm, you will NOT be disappointed!"

-Wax That 💋

Wax That

Wax that offers waxing and sugaring services that are tailored to each individual client. 

Why Sugaring?

  • 100% Natural
  • Made up of Sugar, Lemon and Water
  • Boiled to a paste and manipulated with the fingers
  • Paraben Free
  • Not Tested on Animals

Sugar adheres closer to the hair's root than typical wax which means less hair breakage, less regrowth and if you are someone prone to them, less ingrown hairs!!

You can find out more about Wax That and their services by visiting website www.waxthat.ca

Comments for the Bushbalm Team

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