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Bushbalms Newest Team Member

Bushbalms Newest Team Member

Happy Monday everyone!

My name is Lindsay and I am the newest Member of the Bushbalm team.  

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Have you ever had a bad experience shaving?

For those of you who answered no to this question you are lying! If you are not lying… then I am super jealous of your amazing skin and can we please trade?

Shaving, waxing…alright grooming in general can be a difficult process. If you are like me with very sensitive skin then you don’t mind shaving, it is the aftermath that is the worst part! I swear I have tried so many secret tips to help make shaving better, using conditioner, soap and sensitive skin shaving cream. But still to this day my armpits seem to hate me. For those unlucky ones like myself we have to deal with irritated, rashy looking skin and let me tell you it is not a look you want to be sporting. Especially in the summer when you want your armpits to be free and feel the breeze (or the non-existent breeze with these Ontario summers).

I am so excited to have joined a team that offers people a solution to their ingrown hair, rash and other irritation problems caused by shaving. Bushbalm has many exciting things coming up in the future with the rebranding of our bottles and the introduction of new products. In the next few months I hope to grow this blog into something that you all enjoy reading and address different topics around the beauty industry. 

Ideas for the Bushbalm Team? 

If you have any ideas for future blogs or if there is something you would like to hear about…you can always email me at or comment below.

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