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CBD Oil For Skincare - What’s The Hype?

CBD Oil For Skincare - What’s The Hype?

With the legalization of marijuana in Canada, hemp and cannabis products are becoming more frequent within the market. If you’re familiar with the term hemp, weed, or marijuana, the chances are you have likely heard of CBD oil. Different from smoking marijuana, cannabidiol oil is applied internally or topically and has different effects on the body versus smoking or digesting marijuana. What is important to note about CBD oil is it does not give you the high that marijuana does.

Although there seems to be a social stigma attached to cannabis, it is a healthy alternative to smoking tobacco and does carry various benefits.

There has been an enormous amount of research surrounding the topic of cannabis oil to study its effects on the body. Lets discuss the benefits…

What is CBD Oil?

Within marijuana there are two ingredients found within the leaves, THC and CBD. The difference between the two is that THC is what leads to the high individuals experience when using marijuana. Within CBD the compound is not present that causes the high one may experience after smoking weed. CBD has multiple benefits that are associated with the body (without the high). 

Benefits of CBD Oil:

Can ease feelings of anxiety and depression

Can give pain relief (specifically those with rheumatoid arthritis)

Can reduce acne (anti-inflammatory properties)

Can increase sleep

Shown to assist those with neurological disorders - has specifically helped those with eplilpsy, Parkinson’s disease, 


There are multiple studies occurring to determine whether there are additional beneficial properties that can be brought forward with CBD oil. Recently, there have been studies into whether it can slow down the progression of Alzheimers disease and possibly reduce the rates of diabetes.

Consuming CBD oil:

There are multiple ways someone can consume cannabis oil. Offered through creams, gum and candy, capsules, and patches, there are numerous methods to consume CBD oil and allow absorption into the bloodstream.  

In addition to ingesting CBD through pills, foods or drinks, there is also the option to vape CBD. Although it seems that ingesting CBD through foods or drinks is most popular, multiple methods of consumption do exist.

Side Effects of CBD Oil:

Currently, there seems to be little side effects associated with CBD. Although multiple studies have been researching to determine if there are any side effects, the most common side effect that has been recorded is tiredness. 

Bottom line:

The bottom line is there are multiple benefits associated with the use of CBD oil, although extremely minor side effects exist, they are minimal if used/consumed correctly.


Note: If considering trying out CBD oil, talk to a physician first to find out if it is right for you!