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Daily Skincare and Ingrown Hair Prevention. New and Improved

Daily Skincare and Ingrown Hair Prevention. New and Improved

Bushbalm oil, the best addition to your skincare routine. Using the oils daily you will soften your skin and hair to make your hair removal of choice more efficient. Ingrown hairs will be drastically reduced and redness will be eliminated. The softer hairs will protrude the skin more easily leading to fewer ingrown hairs. The Bushbalm oil will have the same soothing and softening effect in all areas where hair meets skin.

what are the benefits of pubic oil

The New Dropper

The new dropper will allow you to apply just the right amount of oil. Areas such as your pubic region, armpits, legs and anywhere that hair meets skin will love the precision of the new dropper top. Your skincare routine just got easier and you can say goodbye to those little red bumps.

Bushbalm Pubic Oil New Bottles

The Perfect Blend of Oils

We have put together the perfect blend of oils to soothe the skin in those sensitive areas and prevent ingrown hairs that occur after hair removal. Jojoba oil is a soft oil that soothes your skin after waxing, sugaring or shaving. Our Tea Tree oil prevents ingrown hairs with its anti-inflammatory properties. Grapeseed oil tightens and strengthens your skin and each product is lightly scented with essential oils, like tangerine, copaiba, and bay rum, to leave you feeling and smelling fresh.

Bushbalm Ingrown Hair Serum

The Hot New Packaging

It is so important to us that we help you feel and look your best with our skincare products so naturally, we want to look good too. Our new packaging has a sleek, elevated look that will visually pop on your shelf if you are a spa or retailer. The new bottles have a beautiful new shape that feels great in your hand and looks cute on your bathroom shelf.

Bushbalm Skincare

100% Vegan

Bushbalm uses only high-quality vegan ingredients in our skincare line and we do not test on animals. 

Other Uses

Your favorite Bushbalm oil can be used for more than just shaving down there. Use the oil on the tips of your hair to improve your lock’s health and shine. Apply a small amount to your chapped lips or cuticles to soften and moisturize sensitive dry skin. Anywhere hair meets skin we were meant to be.