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Fur Oil Review

What is Fur Oil? 

Fur Oil is an oil to help soothe your pubic hair. The ingredients contain: Grape seed oil, Jojoba oil, Clary Sage Seed Oil, and Tea Tree Oil. It's a fairly simple concept, but it's widely known. Even Emma Watson disclosed that she is a Fur Oil user. 

So... is it worth the $44.00 usd + Shipping? 

In this review, I'll go over the entire process of ordering, shipping, unboxing, and, obviously, the oil itself. 

The Delivery & Shipping 

I ordered my bottle on a Monday and it arrived on Friday. I was fairly impressed with the speed. Not only was did I get email notifications, but I could track the package. Most e-commerce sites have this ability now, but it's still good to see. 

The Unboxing 

This was a bit disappointing. The package didn't contain anything other than the bottle in it's box. For such a high priced bottle, I was hoping it would come with a card of sorts --- similar to buying a lipliner from Kylie. The box only contained filler plastic, the oil, and a black and white printed packing slip. 

The Oils 

 Fur Oil Review Image

The oils were quite nice and reminded me of the our Wilderness scent, but with a stronger lemon hint. The Fur Oil does have a fairly strong Tea Tree Oil scent, as it's obviously a large part of the recipe. When applying the oils I was a bit surprised at how slow it took to dry. I've used it for about 2 weeks now and it always takes about the same amount of time to dry about ~10 minutes. I wouldn't use it on the way out of the house, but could see it not being a problem putting on it at night. Overall, Fur Oil is quite nice --- The $44 USD price tag may be a bit high, but oils aren't cheap, so we understand that. I would like to see a better unboxing experience, as well as more personalized experience. 

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