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Has Male Grooming Gone Too Far? We Don't Think So.

Has Male Grooming Gone Too Far? We Don't Think So.

Over the last ten years, male grooming has changed drastically. We wear different clothing, we clean with various products, and we do things males had never done before.

So, what do women think of this?


Here are 5 reasons why women love a groomed male

1. Men who care about themselves, care about their women.

Pretty obvious, isn't it. A man who wants to look good and feel good is doing it for his girl. That way, when it comes time to hop in the bedroom, she doesn't have a worry in the world.

2. A groomed male is a classy male

When a man takes care of himself, people notice. When you smell good and look good, confidence follows. A classy male is the one who opens the car door. Does that sound like you?

3. Men who smell fresh; win.

Obvious right? If you don't smell nice, you likely aren't going to make your lady friend happy. Let's keep it simple and smell fresh for the ladies we love.

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4. A groomed male surprises.

Just because you groom and look classy doesn't mean you aren't adventurous. When a classy looking man takes on the woods and shows his worth, women love it. Surprise her with how manly you can be.

5. Your bathroom is clean

This seems silly? Well, it isn't. Groomed men may have more bathroom products, but they know they don't all belong on the counter. Groomed men keep a classy bathroom, which ladies love (until they take it over). Either way, being a class act is a turn on.

I'm not saying you need to get on board with the "man bun", or "shaved chest," I just want to see you stay fresh and classy for your partner. It's not difficult, yet it makes a world of difference.


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