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How to trim pubic hair for females in 5 steps

Trimming pubic hair for females guide

Step 1 

Make the cleanup quick and easy! You can either trim over top of the toilet, tub, or put some newspaper down below a chair. This will make it easier to clean up the hair. 

Step 2

Depending on your body type you may need to adjust your body to see your pubic region adequately. If you need help, you can always sit directly in front of a mirror. This is to ensure you have a good view of the sensitive area! 

Step 3 

Place the comb in your pubic hair and trim the hairs through it. This will keep the scissors and your skin separated, so you don't accidentally cut yourself. It's important to remain safe, as it's a sensitive area. 

Step 4 

Trim the hairs you feel comfortable trimming. Don't overdo it when you are trimming the hairs. If you are going onto waxing or shaving, you can get those hairs at that time. 

Step 5 

Consider applying Bushbalm to your pubic region. This will help soften the stubble that may appear from trimming your pubic hair. If you'd like, you can use 'BUSHBALM10' to get 10% off your first order with us. 



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