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Pubic Oil vs. Cooka Oil vs. Ingrown Hair Oil

If you are searching for a product that helps soften your pubic region, reduces razor bumps, prevents ingrown hairs and itchy pubic hair you've likely seen these terms used by many brands. In this blog we will showcase what each means and what to look for when you are shopping for your favorite product for your pubic region and vulva. 

Pubic Hair Oil Comparision - Cooka Oil vs. Pubic Oil vs. Ingrown Hair Oil

Pubic Oil 

Pubic oils or pubic hair oils are typically formulated to soften your skin and hair around your pubic region. Occasionally this type of product will be called a Vulva Oil or Intimate Skin Oil. The primary purpose of a pubic oil is to soften the hair and skin. This can lead to a smoother shave or wax, as the hair is softer when being pulled out of cut. 

Benefits: Softens skin and hair. 

Typical Claims: Reduces the appearance of razor bumps. Natural or naturally derived. 

Common Ingredients: Jojoba Oil & Grapeseed Oil 

Pubic Oil infographic and the benefits of a pubic oil vs. an ingrown hair oil or cooka oil

Cooka Oils 

Cooka is a slang term for your vagina or vulva. A cooka oil is typically formulated just like other pubic oils, as a hydrating product for your pubic area and bikini line. 

Benefits: Softens skin and hair around the bikini line. 

Typical Claims: Softens bikini line and calms razor bumps. Natural or naturally derived. 

Common Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil & Jojoba Oil 

Ingrown Hair Oils 

An ingrown hair oil is much more targeted than a pubic oil. You can expect  an ingrown hair oil to contain more anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as tea tree oil or copaiba oil. These ingredients help penetrate pores and reduce the appearance of frustrating ingrown hairs

Benefits: Targets specifically ingrown hairs on the pubic region. 

Typical Claims: Reduces the appearance of ingrown hairs on the pubic area. Naturally or naturally derived. 

Common Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil & Copaiba Oil 

ingrown hair oil vs. cooka oil

Overall, there aren't many difference between cooka oils, pubic hair oils or ingrown concentrates. Depending on your skin and shaving or waxing down there routine we recommend looking into more targeted products. For instance, if you have dark spots or scarring you may be better off using a dark spot oil for your bikini line. 

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