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Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing

This Scandinavian ritual is making a comeback in 2019 to help your skin and health. 

What is Dry Brushing? 

First off, skin is the largest organ of the body and we need to treat it. Dry Brushing is recognized for it's great exfoliating benefits, but also the boost it can have to your immune system. By using a natural bristle brush to exfoliate the skin and get the lymphatic system in motion, this ancient Scandinavian  ritual will provide personal healing and soft skin every day. 

Dry Brush by Bushbalm

How to Dry Brush effectively

Step 1 - Brush your body from toes to head 

To Dry Brush effectively you'll want to start at your toes and work your way up. You can move the brush is a circular motion to get the best results. Depending on the area and it's sensitivity you'll want to get a softer bristle brush. 

Step 2 - Rinse your body with warm and cold water 

In step 2 you'll want to hop in the shower to rinse off any dead skin cells that you just brushed to the surface. To get your blood flooring, you can alternate between warm and cold water. 

Step 3 - Moisturize with natural oils

After you've dry brushed and rinsed you'll want to moisturize with a natural oil, just like Bushbalm Soothing Oil. The skin will be most receptive to moisturizing within 2 minutes of hopping out of the shower. You can apply Bushbalm to your legs, armpits and even your bikini line. 

Other Ways to Exfoliate 

Sugar Based Bikini Scrub 

In early 2019 Bushbalm is launching a sugar based scrub. You rub your bikini line and legs with this sugar based scrub, followed by rinsing it off in the shower. This will help remove dead skin cells leaving your skin soft and smooth. 

You can get a sugar scrub at a fancy spa with a massage therapist. This is a great treatment, but can go for upwards of $100 depending on the spa. You can also buy your own scrub and use it at home.