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How to Prevent Dry Skin When the Weather Gets Colder

How to Prevent Dry Skin When the Weather Gets Colder

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When the weather changes and the temperature drops there is no need to hibernate and disappear because your skin is dry and dull. Wouldn’t you want to feel as good in your own (winter-ready) skin as you do in a chunky oversized knit and a good pair of booties?

Here are some cold-weather tips make sure you are rocking your best skin:

  • Take short showers. Once you are in the warm shower the last thing you want to do is step back out into the cold, so naturally, you linger in the steamy, hot water longer and procrastinate the inevitable. The only problem is you are dehydrating your skin. Keep them short and sweet.
  • Pick the right soap or shower gel. Avoid harsh chemicals or fragrances that have an alcohol base. These will strip your skin of moisture and you can’t afford to give that away as the temperature drops.

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  • Exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells and help regenerate new ones. Using an exfoliating body polish regularly will get rid of all that dry, itchy skin. 
  • Moisturize as soon as you get out of the shower. With the heat turned on the air is dryer. Water goes from high concentration (your wet skin) to low concentration (the dry air) and evaporates very quickly. So apply a moisturizing oil within 2-3 minutes after getting out of the water to lock in the moisture.

Bushbalm-How to Prevent Dry Skin-Drink More Water

  • Drink water to keep skin cells plump and hydrated so they don’t shrivel and get dry, tight and flakey. We've said it before and we will definitely say it again...8 cups a day babes!
  • Blot skin dry. Avoid rubbing or aggressively towel drying your body. Your skin is already more sensitive in the dryer months so be gentle and treat your birthday suit with care.

 Bushbalm-How to Prevent Dry Skin-Bundle Up

  • Layer up. Protect your skin from the harsh cold wind. Don’t pretend you are too cool to bundle up. Work it into your style and be fashionable while protecting your skin.
  • Sunscreen is for the sun, not just summer. Don’t forget your sunscreen even though the heat isn’t there.