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How to clean your dry brush | 5 steps

Your nordic dry brush is made from natural bristles and needs to be cleaned regularly. We typically recommend monthly, but it all depends on your use. Additionally, we recommend you replace your dry brush every 4-6 months, as the bristles naturally fall out. 

When should I clean my dry brush? 

When you run your hand on the dry brush you will notice natural debris fall of the bristles, but if you notice additional debris it's likely dead skin cells. This is usually a good sign to clean. 

How do I clean my dry brush?  

  1. Add water to a shallow bowl 
  2. Add some natural soap or tea tree oil drops to the water
  3. After steps 2, rub the brush into the water and soap, but avoid the wooden handle (wood and water don't mesh) 
  4. After this use another bowl with just water where you can rinse the brush 
  5. The last step is to dry the brush! Let it sit on a towel, or use a hair dry on low temperature. 

How to clean my dry brush