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How to Prevent and Treat Razor Burn

How to Prevent and Treat Razor Burn

I’m sure each of us can vouch that razor burn really sucks. Whether it be on our face, pubic area, legs or even underarms, razor burn can cause a lot of discomfort. That’s why we’re going to give you all of the tips that you need to treat razor burn when you have it and then prevent it in the future.

It’s possible that you are forgetting some of the things that could be contributing to the itch and the burning sensation that you are currently feeling from your razor burn.


How to prevent it:

1. Remember to swap out your razors regularly! 

Depending on the razor brand, you might want to replace the razor or razor head more frequently. Typically a razor should be replaced between every 4th to 8th shave. 

2. Make sure that the area you are shaving is wet.

Dry shaving is the worst! Although I must admit I do this time to time, it is almost guaranteed that you are going to suffer from razor burn shortly after. In the spur of the moment you may be thinking that it is saving you time … it really isn’t helping!

3. Use shaving cream when possible! 

Although this is not as necessary as the other points listed, using shaving cream allows the blade to move more smoothly on your skin. TIP: use a natural or scent-free shaving cream to prevent skin irritation. ANOTHER TIP: if you don’t have shaving cream available at hand, swapping for conditioner works as well (do not make this a habit, but it is an easy temporary fix).

4. Make sure you are shaving in the direction of your hair growth.

This is really important! If you are shaving in the opposite direction, you will cause irritation to your skin it will damage the hair follicles (ingrown hairs will be more likely to occur).

5. Make sure to take your time shaving!

Although you may be in a rush, take your time shaving. If you speed through the process it is possible you may knick your skin and create uncomfortable cuts and skin tenderness.

6. Depending on your hair growth, do not shave daily.

You may find it necessary to shave daily, but shaving daily will increase your chances of razor burn. Through shaving daily, you are not allowing your skin to heal and replenish itself from the previous shave.

7. Use a soothing aftershave or oil. (I strongly recommend Bushbalm™ - obviously!)

Using a soothing aftershave or oil really helps reduce inflammation/irritation and prevent future ingrown hairs. 

How to treat it:

1. Avoid touching the area.

Through constantly touching the inflamed area, this will increase the risk of introducing bacteria into your razor burn.

2. Use natural products to ease the burning and itching sensation. (Bushbalm™ counts!)

Through using natural products, you will soften and cool the burning feeling that you are experiencing from the razor burn.

3. Oatmeal mask.

Oatmeal helps reduce swelling and is recommended to serve as a remedy for multiple skin conditions. Whether you decide to have an oatmeal bath or apply the oatmeal topically, it is your choice! 

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