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The Benefits of Dry Brushing

The Benefits of Dry Brushing

What is dry brushing?

Used to remove dead skin cells, dry brushing acts as a natural exfoliator to bring you healthy and soft skin. Brushing in an upwards circular motion for anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes is advised to allow the skin to be cleaned from the bottom-up. If you’re currently unable to afford a day at the spa, don’t worry because using a dry brush can act as a relaxing experience as well.

Dry brushing can be practiced anywhere on the body with the exception of sensitive areas such as your face or your chest. With this said, it is normally recommended to start at the bottom of your feet and move up the legs, the torso and then the arms. Those with sensitive skin or eczema are still encouraged to practice dry brushing but with more attention and caution to avoid irritation as well as raw, painful skin. 

Dry Brushing for Bikini Line

How often should I dry brush?

It is recommended that you dry brush once per week, prior to your shower. Its important to dry brush before your shower because your skin is not covered in moisturizer, body wash or anything that can interfere with naturally exfoliating the skin, hence the name dry brushing. Once you have finished, go ahead and jump into the shower. Following your shower, its best to use a lotion or moisturizer which will replenish the skin.

Through the exfoliation coming from the natural bristles of the brush, this encourages lymphatic stimulation. Lymphatic stimulation creates blood flow throughout the body and acts as “drainage”. This is due to the pumping of blood that is moving throughout the body which also prevents swelling from blood circulation. Some even believe that dry brushing can reduce the looks of cellulite.

Bikini line results from dry brushing

Maintaining your dry brush

In order to upkeep your brush, we recommend washing the brush every few weeks with soap and water and hanging up somewhere to dry before using again. Its also recommended that you replace your brush at least once a year if you are using your brush on a regular basis.


Whether it be to induce relaxation, create smoother skin and prevent swelling or unclog pores, dry brushing comes with a variety of benefits meant to increase your well-being.