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What You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

What You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has become extremely common over the last few years --- because who doesn’t want smooth skin? Constant promos are being offered through spas to see an esthetician and stores such as Sephora are now selling personal travel size laser hair removal systems.

I mean hey, who wouldn’t want to get rid of hair where we don’t want it? Whether that be on our body or on our face - no one gets really excited over having to shave daily. 

So what does laser hair removal do?

Through a series of treatments, individuals visit a licensed esthetician or attempt themselves at removing their unwanted hairs! Through strong red beams of light, the laser aims to kill the hair follicle to prevent it from future growth -- the main benefit. 

How does bushbalm work if you wax?

What are the cons of laser hair removal? 

Although it is pretty pricey some may say that slowing hair growth 100% outweigh the cons in regards to getting laser hair removal. A main con to this treatment is the horrifying pain from the laser beam -- Some say it's between waxing and shaving, but I'd argue it's actually more painful. Level of pain is strictly dependent on the area you decide to laser, sensitive regions such as bikini or under arms are areas that are definitely uncomfortable. Some people explain the pain to be like tiny pinches or rubber bands being snapped against your skin. Having experienced this myself, I can tell you the process is without a doubt painful and skin irritation does occur for a few hours after the treatment.

Other risks to laser hair removal 

Other risks and cons associated with laser hair removal include a temporary pigment change in the colour of your skin. Throughout the process of laser hair removal, it is really important to avoid excessive sun exposure to your treated area. Excessive sun exposure to the area of treatment can cause a temporary, or even permanent change in skin colour. Licensed estheticians strongly advise applying sunscreen to the treated area. This then prevents future scarring and damage to your skin! 

At this point I have probably deterred you away from ever attempting laser hair removal but let me tell you about the benefits of it…

The main benefits 

If you choose the right spa (I would recommend going to a spa versus attempting it yourself) your hair removal should last at least 2-3 years (depending on the area). That is 2-3 years of absolutely no shaving, sugaring, waxing or whatever technique you use to remove hair!!! Let alone no more cuts from shaving!

Another bonus to laser hair removal, although it is really pricey to pay upfront (it ranges from $100 - $600 for a series of treatments), it saves you money in the long term. Think of how much you are paying to get waxed (can be upwards $60 each time) or how much you pay in razors and shaving cream annually. Getting this all done in one shot is actually a cheaper option at the end of the day.

What about Bushbalm™ and hair removal? 

SBushbalm and ingrown hair preventionince I have tried laser myself I have been using Bushbalm™ religiously. It could be the laser or it could be the Bushbalm™, but I haven’t experienced an ingrown hair since. Overall if you’re stuck between getting laser hair removal or just sticking to your regular hair removal routine, I would recommend finding yourself a good exfoliating routine, as well as using a soothing oil like Bushbalm™. 

Thanks for reading! 

NOTE: The clients of Bushbalm™ range from those who wax, shave, sugar, get laser or even grow their pubic hair. Everyone has their own preference and that's what we love. Whether you go au natural or completely hair free it's your choice. If you'd like to read a very touching guest post on this topic, I'd recommend reading Beauty, Burning Loins, and Bushbalm™.