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The Francesca Bikini Trimmer
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pubic hair bikini trimmer that's waterproof

The Francesca

Body & Bikini Trimmer

waterproof + rechargeable


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The Francesca Pubic Hair Trimmer was designed with comfort in mind, making it easy to use whether you trim, groom, or remove your body hair. It's conveniently waterproof and features a strong 6000 RPM motor, up to 5 hours of battery life, as well as a USB cord for recharging. The pre-wax and shaving guard gives you the optimal height for trimming anywhere hair grows on your body. Think bikini line, legs, underarms, and neck.

Pre-Wax & Shaving Guard

The custom bikini trimmer guard gives you the optimal height for trimming your bikini line before waxing or shaving.

USB Cord & Rechargeable Battery

Advanced Ni-MH 600mAh battery power to ensure up to 5 hours of battery life. Includes USD cord for convenient recharging.

Travel Bag

A cotton travel bag to keep your bikini trimmer conveniently packed in your travel kit.

Cleaning Brush & Lubricant

To maintain and keep your bikini trimmer clean.

Download the Full Francesca Trimmer Guide

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Choose your Guard

The trimmer can be adjusted to 3 lengths — no guard, 3mm and 6mm.

Turn on the Trimmer

Press the power button

Start Trimming

With on hand, pull the skin taut and with the other lightly press the buzzing razor head onto the skin.

Pro Tip

Trim against the direction of hair growth & use short, gentle strokes.

Length of Hair

Using no guard will give you a trim, as seen on this image. If you're preparing for a wax or shave choose the appropriate guard.

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Nick Resistant

Nick Resistant

Meet: The Francesca Trimmer

Meet: The Francesca Trimmer Meet: The Francesca Trimmer

Key Features

It's an award winning trimmer for a reason.

The trimmer can be adjusted to 3 lengths: no guard, 3mm and 6mm.

Charge fully before first use. White light indicates trimmer is charged. Red light indicates trimmer is needing to be charged.

The sharp blade is made from stainless steel and the white blade is made from ceramic.

The 6,000 RPM motor provides subtle, quiet vibrations that cut through hair with ease.

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Trimmer Kit

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Why Our Customers Love Bushbalm

“I know people say this all the time, but this is legit, I NEVER write reviews. I'm so happy with this purchase. I'm over the freakin moon. I got the trimmer about two months ago and it's so easy to use, gentle on your nether regions, and works so well.”

- Kaylen

#1 Ranked Bikini Trimmer by Oprah Daily

Three reasons why you should switch to the Francesca bikini trimmer today!

Why Switch

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The most convenient way to groom your bikini line & underarms

Number 2 icon

Designed to be waterproof and safe to travel

Number 3 icon

Convenient guard allows you to trim your pubic hair to the desired length

The Francesca Trimmer

Frequently Asked Questions

The trimmer comes with an adjustable guard that can be removed. The shorter length of the guard will leave you with 3mm of hair and the longer guard will leave you with 6mm of hair. Once the guard is removed, you will get an extremely close shave that will leave you with very minimal hair. But it's important to note that the trimmer is not a direct replacement for a razor as it will not leave you completely hairless.

The trimmer is cordless with a long-lasting battery, waterproof, quiet, easy to use, non-irritating ad travel friendly.

Turn the power off. Remove the blade and rinse with water. Lubricate the bade and pop back onto the trimmer.

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Trimming helps reduce these skin concerns.


Say they are actively struggling with ingrown hairs.


Say they are actively struggling with dark spots and hyperpigmentation.


Say they are actively struggling with razor burn.

*Based on our 2021 Annual Customer Survey

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