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The Bermuda Insider

1st Edition

The Bermuda Founding Story 

Bushbalm launched in 2016 with a product line targeting post waxing, ingrown hairs and razor burn. Our goal was to create a product line that was 100% natural and effective for these areas. We believed you shouldn’t use alcohol based products to essentially burn away ingrown hairs. Instead, we launched our Nude, Bermuda & Sweet Escape lines for ingrown hairs and razor burn without breaking the bank. 

But wait? Isn’t Bermuda for dark spots, hyperpigmentation and underarm lightening. Yes it is. 

Here’s what really happened! 

Based on our clients feedback and questions we realized how common dark spots on the bikini line and underarms were. From there we immediately contacted our lab to work on the natural formula that would be highly effective, high in vitamin C and contain scar healing oils. 

We then sunset our original Bermuda line and re-launched the new line you recognize today in the beautiful white bottles and jars. 

After launch this quickly became our number #1 seller and a product with a cult following capable of selling us out 5 times this year. 

Stay tuned for the next edition… which will launch closer to Black Friday, our biggest shopping weekend of the year. 

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