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We've got a great wholesale program at Bushbalm Oil! We supply spas and beauty salons with our 100% Vegan oils -- so your clients can say goodbye to ingrown hairs. 

Most common uses of Bushbalm 

  • Immediately after waxing or sugaring -- as well as the days following.  
  • Immediately after shaving (pubic area, underarms, beard, etc) 
  • On a daily basis to soften the skin and make sure it's ready for the next wax, shave, or sugar.
  • Bushbalm can be even used on the tips of your hairs to prevent split ends. 

What's the Wholesale Pricing? 

We've got a great program, which is good for you and your clients! 

Contact us below or email hello@bushbalm.com to get some free samples and pricing. 

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