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Say Goodbye to
Razor Burn + Bumps

Say hello to smooth, soothing skincare for down there with the Ingrown Hair Routine.

✓ Reduces ingrown hairs + razor bumps
✓ Provides intense moisture + hydration
✓ Boost confidence in the skin you're in

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3-Steps To A Smooth Girl Summer


In the shower, use our all-natural sugar scrub to exfoliate away dead skin cells.

2. Soothe

Use a soothing oil to soften skin and hair, and help reduce the appearance of ingrown hairs + razor burn.


Remaining product into skin and live your best, bump-free bikini, life.

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2 Step Ingrown Hair + Razor Bumps Routine

Made from the highest quality ingredients, this 2-step routine is formulated to leave skin hydrated and soft while reducing the appearance of ingrown hairs, razor burn, and bumps.


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 (4.89/5) 5,000 REVIEWS

  • Magic Oil

    " Beard, bush, or tush, this product does it all. Cheaper and WAY better than any competitors"

    Verified Review

  • Game Changer

    "Bushbalm has helped me with preventing and soothing ingrown hairs! It makes my skin smoother than it’s ever been too, and has definitely helped me regain my confidence as a woman ❤️ "

    Verified Review

  • Holy Grail

    "This is the best product I’ve found for ingrown hair and dark spots, it works! Saw a huge difference within a couple months of using them. I plan on using these products for life. Love Bushbalm!"

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  • No Irritating Ingrowns

    "I CANNOT believe how well this works!!! Better than my prescription cream!! I’m not an influencer, I didn’t get this for free or with any strings attached. Legit saw it on tiktok and purchased that day. Way to go, Bushbalm!!"

    Verified Review

  • Worth Every Penny

    "I love this treatment! I have had problems with irritation and ingrown hairs for a LONG time. I’m no longer afraid of shaving or wearing a swim suit!"

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  • Forever customer

    "Within a week I could already see a difference. I have tired multiple creams and or oils and it didn't even come close to helping me remove the dark spots from shaving. Thank you so much! Forever a customer."

    Verified Review

  • amazing product

    "I haven’t had any ingrown hairs at all after shaving. I feel more confident in my own skin and can’t wait to show off in summer 😜 I’ll be buying more of this. Thank you bush balm ❤️ "

    Verified Review

Don’t Want To Commit To A Kit?

671 Reviews

Sweet Escape Ingrown Hair Oil

Take your bikini line self care to the next level and be pool party, vacation + beach-ready—all the time.

Free shipping over $50 I Easy Returns Within 30 Days

671 Reviews

Sweet Escape Ingrown Hair Scrub

Buffs away dead skin cells, clear pores and reveals fresh + soft skin! This formulation exfoliates skin without stripping or irritating the skin.

Free shipping over $50 I Easy Returns Within 30 Days

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