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Bushbalm Wholesale FAQ


Can you use Bushbalm post sugar or wax

  • The answer is yes! You do need to see how your client is reacting and get their consent to use the product. Some people will have sensitivities after a wax or sugar, so it's best to see what they think. 

What are the benefits of Bushbalm? 

  • Bushbalm is non-comedogenic, which means it actually clears pores. 

Here are how the various oils benefit your clients! 

  • Jojoba - Naturally softens skin and hair! One of the best oils to moisturize. 
  • Grapeseed - Dries quickly, so oil soaks into the skin fast! Don't worry about oil sitting on your clients, as Bushbalm will absorb extremely quickly. 
  • Tea Tree - Impedes ingrown hairs through anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. 
  • Copaiba - Soothes redness and irritation through it's anti-inflammatory & pain relieving properties! 

How do you use Bushbalm in Spa? 

After a sugaring or waxing you can use Bushbalm at your own discretion. It will all depend on your client and what they are looking to get! If they want something soothing without a scent, we'd recommend Nude Oil. Nude is the most effective on ingrown hairs and redness. 

How do you clients use Bushbalm at home? 

Step #1 - Apply 2 to 3 drops in the palm of your hand 

Tip the bottle upside down and add a few drops to your hands! If you are using the oils in your hair, or in more areas on your body you may need a few more drops. 

Step #2 - Apply the oils wherever you need them

The oils are gentle enough to be applied almost anywhere. It's common to use the oils on the pubic region, armpits, face, legs, or even your head hair. 

Step #3 - Repeat steps #1 and #2 daily! 

By using Bushbalm on a daily basis, your clients will soften their skin so the hairs can pierce the skin easier, preventing ingrown hairs. Bushbalm will also soften the pubic hair when they are between appointments. 

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