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What your pubic hair says about YOU! 

In today's "beauty" society, there are well over 100 pubic hair styles. 100 may be a little high, but they all tell us something. Find out what your style is saying about you! 

#1 The Landing Strip 

This is a tell tale sign of someone who LOVES to shower extra long. You only have time to groom a perfect landing strip if you are bored and don’t want to get on with your day. However, we have seen the odd landing strip on someone who wants to play a prank on their long term boyfriend. It’s always a surprise when you see a weird, awkward, strip of hair. 

#2 The Full Bush

We all have that one friend who thinks they are "environmentally friendly" and has a massive bush! The truth is, having hair down there is actually more hygienic. Frankly, having a full blown bush is actually on the rebound. It may be a bit strange for some, but it's coming back. Mark my words! 

#3 The Vajazzle 

This can't be serious? Is this a really a thing? If you are vajazzling, you are out of your mind. Expect to become a crazy cat lady in 10 years.

#4 The Brazilian 

 A Brazilian is nice in theory, but it's also someone ripping hair off your body. Not my forte, but hey, it can leave a nice smooth pubic region. Don't forget to buy some Post-Brazilian oil, so you don't get redness and irritation. 

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