Mini Exfoliating Mitt Unscented All Over Feminine Wash



All is Calm
All is Calm
All is Calm
All is Calm
All is Calm

Routine Essentials

All is Calm

Holiday Kit

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Pamper dry skin with the essentials it needs to feel calm and smooth. This go-to holiday kit is filled with both daily and weekly routine essentials.

Add these products to your shower and skincare routine to feel clean and fresh down there and everywhere, while reducing redness and the look of ingrown hairs and dark spots.

As a bonus this kit comes with a reusable bag, too!

Spa Day Nourishing Body Wash

cleanse + nourish (12.7 fl. oz. / 360 mL)

Nude Ingrown Hair Oil (Travel Size)

soothe + soften (0.169 fl. oz. / 5 mL)

Sweet Escape Ingrown Hair Oil (Travel Size)

soothe + soften (0.169 fl. oz. / 5 mL)

Bermuda Dark Spot Oil (Travel Size)

rejuvenate + brighten (0.169 fl. oz. / 5 mL)

Body Rock

exfoliate + buff

Skincare Everywhere Travel Pouch

Shower Cap

protect · Size: 20*26cm

Step 1

Use your Spa Day Nourishing Body Wash daily in the bath or shower. This pH-balanced body wash is formulated to use everywhere, including your most intimate areas, leaving skin soft and clean. We recommend using the wash before the exfoliating body rock.

Step 2

Wet the Body Rock pumice stone, and move in circular motions with light to medium pressure over the skin, only concentrating on the problem areas with uneven skin texture.

Step 3

Finish off your routine with our soothing oils. Add a few drops onto clean skin and massage gently until it begins to absorb. For best results, apply the oils within 2 minutes of showering or bathing.