Nude Oil

$25.99 USD
Nude Oil

Nude Oil

$25.99 USD

Nude is made from the highest quality, natural oils, to ensure it's the softest on your pubic region or any area you may use it. If you prefer scentless, soft products, Nude is the perfect option for you. 

How to use Bushbalm 

Apply Nude oil to anywhere you'd like! The natural oils are soft enough to be used on your pubic region, underarms, tips of hair, chest hair, beard, or even on your legs. 


  • Prevents and soothes ingrown hairs 
  • Helps with Bikini Line redness 
  • All natural 


Carrier Oils: 

  • Jojoba - Natural softens skin and hair 
  • Grapeseed - Dries quickly, so oil soaks into the skin

Essential Oils:

  • Tea Tree - Impedes ingrown hairs through anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties 
  • CopaibaSoothes redness and irritation through it's anti-inflammatory & pain relieving properties 


1fl oz, 30ml 

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