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Pubic Oil Discovery Pack

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Pubic Oil Discovery Pack

$0.00 USD


Experience the benefits of high end bikini line skincare with this collection of popular Bushbalm Pubic Oils in travel-friendly sizes. This must-have 3 pack is perfect for hydrating and moisturizing your bikini line and preventing ingrown hairs. 

What's included: 

  • 5ml of Sweet Escape Oil 

Sweet Escape is our tropical scent consisting of Tangerine and Vanilla. It's our top seller due to it's fresh scent and moisturizing capabilities. 

  • 5ml of Nude Oil for Ingrown Hairs 

Nude is our traditional ingrown hair serum. It contains a higher percentage of tea tree oil to help soothe and prevent ingrown hairs. 

  • 5ml of Bermuda Oil 

Bermuda mixed Vanilla and Bay Rum to give your privates a unique scent. Try it and you'll feel like you are on the white sand beaches! 

  • A Purse Size Box 

These three vials come in a durable box. Think fancy perfume meets pubic oil! 

Ingredients & Benefits:  

  • Jojoba Oil /// A soft oil perfect for after shaving, waxing or sugaring 
  • Tea Tree Oil /// Effective anti-inflammatory that prevents ingrown hairs 
  • Grape Seed Oil /// Known to tighten and strengthen skin
  • Essential Oils /// Provide beautiful scents