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Wilderness Oil

$25.99 USD
Wilderness Oil

Wilderness Oil

$25.99 USD


 Our 🌲Wilderness🌲 scent is one of our freshest. The cedarwood essence, combined with tea tree oil is extremely refreshing, as it has a hint of the outdoors. If adventure is your middle name, and you love a forest hike, the Wilderness scent will bring you to pure euphoria. 

Bushbalm is not tested on animals and 100% vegan. 


  • Prevents and soothes ingrown hairs 
  • Helps soften coarse hair 
  • Smells of cedarwood

Other Uses

Hair softener, underarms, beard oil, chapped lips, dry hands + many more! 


Cedarwood, Citrus, Adventure 


Whether you have a bush or are fully shaven, you will apply the oil to your pubic region. If you have a bush, the oils will soften your pubic area and make you smell great. If you are fully shaven, the oils will soften the skin, soothe redness, and prevent ingrown hairs. 

Ingredients & Specifications

Carrier Oils: 
Jojoba, Grapeseed 
Essential Oils:
Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Copaiba, Lemon Grass
1fl oz, 30ml

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