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"This really works and started seeing results in less than a month and it feels great!"

"I suffer from extremely sensitive skin and prone to ingrown hairs almost every time I shave. Since using the oil and the scrub I’ve had no ingrown hairs. There’s been times where I forget to order and if I go too long without it, I will get another ingrown so it’s safe to say I can never go without bush balm products. I thought Instagram ads were fake but can say from experience they are not!!"

"I've used my trimmer twice and I LOVE the results. It gets such a close shave without nicking my skin like other trimmers have done in the past. Highly recommend, especially if you have super sensitive skin like I do"

"This is by far the best ingrown serum I've ever used. I've tried Tend Skin and it's very medical smelling... not great. I tried Fur, but it wasn't very effective. The Nude has a soft scent, almost entirely unscented and it works! I use it every day and then after I get waxed. I haven't had an ingrown hair in a month probably. So happy!!!! THANKS"

"I love all the products! They are natural and effective!"

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