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Vajazzle's Hot in 2024

Vajazzling is making a comeback! Find out why.

Vajazzle Kit
The Vajazzlie Kit

The History Of Vajazzling

Vajazzling, a whimsical and intriguing beauty trend, combines the words "vagina" and "bedazzling." It's the art of decorating the pubic area with crystals, glitter, and other sparkly adornments, creating a unique and eye-catching look.

This trend emerged into popular culture in the early 2000s and gained significant attention in the 2010s.

Cowboy Vajazzle Applied to Skin

Top 4 Vajazzle Designs

Number 1 icon

The Heart

Number 2 icon

The Cowboy Hat

Number 3 icon

The Classic Cat

Number 4 icon

The Signature Bow

Best Vajazzle Moments

2010 Jennifer Love Hewitt Coins the Term Vajazzle On Conan

In a memorable and lively television moment, Jennifer Love Hewitt brought the quirky trend of vajazzling into the spotlight during her appearance on the Conan show. With her characteristic charm and a twinkle in her eye, she enthusiastically described the process and allure of vajazzling, captivating both Conan and the audience.

Jennifer's candid discussion about adorning the bikini area with glittering crystals not only injected fun into the conversation but also opened up a broader dialogue about intimate beauty practices. Her playful and open attitude towards this unique form of self-expression was both refreshing and entertaining, making it a standout segment in the show's history.

Jennifer Love Hewitt on the Conan Show Vajazzles
Jennifer Love Hewitt Conan Show Vajazzles

2012 The Only Way Is Essex Tv Show Gets Vajazzled

"The Only Way Is Essex" (TOWIE), a renowned British reality TV show, brought the vajazzling trend into the limelight in one of its episodes, showcasing the beauty and grooming practices popular in Essex. The episode featured scenes in a beauty salon where the vajazzling process was demonstrated and discussed among the cast.

This particular TOWIE episode played a pivotal role in popularizing vajazzling in the UK, especially among younger audiences. The show's portrayal of vajazzling, filled with lighthearted and humorous exchanges, reflected its overall approach of blending entertainment with contemporary lifestyle and fashion trends, making it a notable moment in the history of beauty trends.

Vajazzles The Only Way Is Essex
The Only Way Is Essex Vajazzles

Top 4 Vajazzle Designs of 2024

1) The Heart

A heart vajazzle is an intimate body art where sparkling crystals form a heart shape on the pubic area, post-waxing. This simple, romantic design uses shimmering stones to create a playful, eye-catching symbol of love. It's a popular choice for adding a whimsical touch to intimate grooming, blending charm with a hint of sparkle.

Heart Vajazzle
Heart Vajazzle

2) The Cowboy Hat

A cowboy hat vajazzle is a unique and playful intimate body art design, where crystals or rhinestones are arranged to resemble a classic cowboy hat. Applied to the smooth skin of the pubic area, this design adds a touch of whimsy and a nod to Western style. The sparkling stones create a striking and fun visual, making it a quirky and adventurous choice for personal grooming with a hint of flair.

Cowboy Hat Vajazzle
Cowboy Hat Vajazzle

3) The Classic Cat

A cat face vajazzle is an adorable intimate body art, using crystals or rhinestones to create a playful cat face design on smooth skin. This whimsical choice, featuring sparkling whiskers and ears, adds a fun and unique touch to intimate grooming.

Cat Vajazzle Design
Cat Vajazzle Designs

4) The Signature Bow

A bow vajazzle is a sweet and stylish form of intimate body art, where crystals or rhinestones create the shape of a delicate bow. This design adds a touch of elegance and femininity to intimate grooming, with the sparkling stones providing a subtle yet captivating embellishment on smooth skin.

Bow Vajazzle Design
Bow Vajazzle Design for Waxing Salon

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2 Step Routine For Ingrown Hairs and Razor Burn
2 Step Routine For Ingrown Hairs and Razor Burn

Vajazzle Advice

The process of vajazzling typically starts with a professional bikini wax to create a smooth canvas. However, if you shave or do another form of hair removal you can still vajazzle
Once the skin is clean and hair-free, small crystals or rhinestones are applied using a skin-safe adhesive. These designs can be simple and subtle or elaborate and bold, depending on personal preference.

Tips for using a vajazzle
Tips for using a vajazzle
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