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What to look for in a waxing salon | Insights from Foxy Box Waxing

What to look for in a waxing salon | Insights from Foxy Box Waxing

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As waxing becomes a more popular form of hair removal, the options for places to get waxed continues to increase accordingly. We’re going to throw a little math at you: the personal waxing and salon industry grew an average of 7.1 percent annually between 2012 and 2017 in the US, according to the research firm IBISWorld. And the industry continues to grow rapidly…. not unlike my hair after shaving (sorry, that’s a waxer joke). Bottom line: clients have more options than ever before when it comes to picking the perfect place to get smoooooothified.

So how does one decide? What should you look for when booking a wax? There are many things to consider: price, parking options, proximity to your work, etc. But we’ve whittled the list down to 3 important things to look for in a waxing salon.

Pay close attention, your bikini line will thank you!


3 Things To Look For In A Waxing Salon 

#1 - Hygiene

Your first consideration when picking a waxing salon should always be hygiene. More often than not, you won’t be the first (or the last) client to grace their treatment room that day. Considering the intimate nature of the appointment, safety and sanitation is key. We’re talking multiple naked butts on the same bed people!

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But how can you tell if a waxing salon keeps it so fresh and so clean?

Some things to look for:

  • Do they practice the infamous double-dip (using a spatula more than once in the same pot of wax)?
  • Do they don a fresh pair of gloves for every client?
  • Are their counters and utensils squeaky clean?
  • Do they have disposable bed covers replaced after every service?  
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If not, then don’t put your beautiful bod at stake. Look for an establishment that is clear about their standards of cleanliness. Most reputable salons will proudly proclaim their sanitation policies on their website. And if you’re unsure, just ask!

#2 - Technique

Next on our list of non-negotiables is technique. This one may seem obvious, but sadly not all salons offer the same standards of service. We’re going to give you some easy tips on how to identify the real deal. First, look for a salon that specializes in the wonderful art of waxing. We’re talking about certified, trained and experienced pros that spend their days removing hair. You wouldn’t order pad thai from a taco joint… you wouldn’t get your teeth cleaned at an auto body repair shop… you wouldn’t go to a laundromat to file your taxes… (you get where we’re going with this) ... so why would you get a bikini wax from someone who’s not a specialist? There are some exceptions to this, but you’ll notice fairly quickly from their website or storefront what specializations the spa has!

Other great indicators that you’ve found the real McCoy?  Look for a spot with wicked reviews and ratings on the web. No 1 star wonders allowed when it comes to waxing. You’re looking for 4 and up baby!  Also, be sure to heed solid referrals from friends and loved ones. Strong word of mouth usually means wax game strong.

Foxy Box Waxing salon fancy spa rooms

#3 - Product Quality

Next on our wax-bar wishlist is quality of product. Is the salon committed to using products with premium ingredients that are ethically sourced? The lotions and potions they use during and after your service, as well as the items displayed on their retail shelves should all reflect a commitment to quality and functionality.

Quality because your skin is the largest organ on your body, and whatever you slather on it will absorb into your system.

Functionality because you want products that complement the service you’re receiving! Any waxer worth their salt will tell you loudly and often, that the homecare products you incorporate in your skincare routine are almost as important as the removal process itself! If your waxer is giving you clear, easy-to-follow after-care tips, and recommending premium, natural products, you KNOW you’re in the right place girlfriend.

You should leave your appointment knowing exactly how to care for your fresh bikini wax, with the right products in tow to prolong that smooth, soft, silky feeling. We’ll give you an example: one of our most favouritest skincare solutions is Bushbalm. These 100% vegan oils are the perfect post-wax product. They soothe redness & clear pores for fewer ingrowns, and you can use them from head to tail to hydrate your skin and hair! The oils are handmade in small batches, not tested on animals and they smell like heaven. Also they’re made in Canada. Basically, if your waxer is recommending a premium product like Bushbalm, she knows what’s what.

Bushbalm Bikini Line Oil being used


Look for a commitment to quality in technique AND products.

Okay, let’s review what we’ve learned today!

  1. More and more people are putting down their razors and switching to waxing
  2. The Waxing Salon business model is on the rise (giving babes like YOU the ability to choose), and
  3. We recommend basing your choice on three things: standards of sanitation, level of technique, and quality of product. Check, check, check.

If we can leave you with just one last tip: don’t forget that your comfort is the MOST important thing! Dropping your drawers for a complete stranger can be incredibly intimidating. You want a waxer that can empathize with how you’re feeling. So go with your gut, and pick a spot that makes you feel GOOD. Stripping down takes courage, so you should walk out of your appointment feeling like a million bucks. As in, pay your bill, drop the mic and strut on out those doors babe.  Then take your cute, smooth self for a cocktail. Because you earned it!

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If you'd like to read more about waxing post care, you can read the blog Post Care 101 on the Foxy Box website. 


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