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It's Time To Treat Your Tush

It's Time To Treat Your Tush

We're all about skincare for *literally* everywhere, which is why we are so excited to officially introduce you to Tush, The Body Firming Cream.

The best kind of skincare routines include products that were made for every inch of your body - including your behind. Taking care, or treating the skin on your bum is just as important as taking care of the skin on your face. Just like your bikini area, or underarms, your bum can benefit from a skincare routine, whether that means dry brushing it twice a week with our Nordic Dry Brush, or treating dark spots and hyperpigmentation that you may have on your behind with our Bermuda Oil, or now hydrating it with Tush, our new firming cream.


How To Tighten The Skin On Your Bum
If your bum could use a hydrating lift, or some extra moisturizing to help smooth out the appearance of skin, you are going to love applying Tush to your body right after the shower. Here are a few reasons why. 


Tush is extra creamy and smells amazing

Tush comes in two different sizes, in a beautiful peachy pink recyclable tube. The extra rich cream has a fresh vanilla blossom and warm almond scent that will give you sunny vacation vibes every time you apply it to your behind. Tush smells so good, you'll want to douse your entire body in it, and you should!


Tush can firm, smooth, tighten and soften the appearance of skin

Coffea arabica seed is one of the natural ingredients included in the Tush formula. The caffeine included in Tush helps firm, tighten, and leaves your skin feeling plumped. Another natural key ingredient included in the Tush formula is Brazilian nut seed oil. Brazilian nut seed oil moisturizes the skin, has a ton of rejuvenating properties and improves skin elasticity to prevent premature aging.


How To Soften The Appearance Of Stretch Marks

Tush can be used all over the body (but not on your face!)

Yes we made this cream to treat your tush, but you can use it anywhere skin needs a lift. Think stomach, arms, thighs - or anywhere you may have stretch marks that you'd like to soften. You will love the way your skin feels after applying this firming cream.


Female applying a firming body cream to her thigh

Tush can soften the appearance of stretch marks

Our customers have been asking us for years to create a natural product that would help with cellulite and stretch marks. While there is no real cure to cellulite, which is fine because it's completely normal, (read more about that here), the natural ingredients in Tush will help smooth out skin, making your cellulite less visible. When used daily, Tush can also help lighten and soften the appearance of stretch marks on the stomach, bum, and thighs.

Stretch Marks on bum

Tush keeps your booty feeling smooth

Why wouldn't you want smooth skin everywhere? Tush is packed with natural ingredients like Jojoba Oil that will give you 24/7 hydration. A little bit of this cream goes a long way. Tush is fast absorbing and best to use right after the shower.


Woman with Bushbalm skincare products

So, are you ready to add Tush to your skincare, everywhere routine? If you need more convincing click here.