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Why Does Bushbalm's Bermuda Oil Always Sell Out?

Why Does Bushbalm's Bermuda Oil Always Sell Out?

That's a great question! To say people are obsessed is an understatement.


Dark Spot Corrector By Bushbalm

Bushbalm Skincare's Bermuda Oil is one of the most popular treatment oils for ingrown hairs and hyperpigmentation which typically sells out on the regular. Bushbalm Skincare is about to launch one of their biggest inventory drops ever and already has thousands of people patiently waiting on the notification list.

Here are a few reasons why everyone is obsessed with Bermuda Oil, and why it always sells out.

1) Bermuda Oil naturally treats dark spots and hyperpigmentation

The Bermuda formula gently breaks down melanin that's built up in the skin and over time will help you achieve a more even skin tone. The combination of fractionated coconut carrier oil, lemon essential oil, and rare copaiba oil work to even and diffuse the appearance of dark spots and blemishes.

Bermuda Oil

2) Bermuda Oil delivers real results

Like every skincare product these results won't happen overnight, but incorporating the Bermuda brightening product into your routine will help address those darker areas you've been wanting to get rid of, regardless of your skin tone! Most users start seeing results between 1-3 months of consistent usage.

Photo of Before and After Bikini Line Using Bermuda Oil By Bushbalm

3) It's loved and sold across 150 beauty salons and studios in North America

A lot of women will get scars leftover from ingrown hairs, or simply from hair removal. Bermuda Oil is a great natural product to help fix this. Do you want your local waxing studio to carry Bermuda Oil? Send a note to, and we will reach out!

Bermuda Dark Spot Treatment

4) Bermuda Oil is used daily so users typically buy two to ensure they don't run out

It's become a staple in so many daily skincare routines and because dark spots can happen all over the body, many use it everywhere. We've had quite a few customers show us before and after photos from applying Bermuda Oil on their faces and the results are crazy. Check this one out below! That said, when applying to the face, please keep in mind that there is a small percentage of fractionated coconut oil, so you should test a small area on the face first as Bermuda Oil is not 100% non-comedogenic.

5) Bermuda Oil smells amazing

With a gentle hint of lemon essential oil, Bermuda has a soft refreshing, and clean scent that will make you feel like you are in paradise.


Why You Get Those Bumps On Your Armpits After Shaving or Waxing

Why You Get Those Bumps On Your Armpits After Shaving or Waxing

So you just shaved or waxed your armpits and you can't wait to raise your arms and flaunt your smooth skin...but you now have a bunch of tiny bumps, spots, and redness all over your underarms. Sound familiar?

Disclaimer: This is totally normal and honestly happens to pretty much everyone, BUT there are ways to quickly treat this, and even better - prevent it.

Here's what you need to be adding to your skincare, everywhere routine for quick underarm relief of razor burn, bumps, redness, and other skin irritations on your armpits.

  • Exfoliate often. We're talking 2-3 times a week in the shower with one of our natural sugar scrubs. They are super gentle, so if you don't have sensitive skin you can probably do this more often.
  • Apply a Bushbalm Oil daily. Right after the shower when your skin is most absorbent make sure you gently rub some Nude Oil onto your armpits. It's especially important to do this after shaving or waxing. Trust us, there is a reason our Nude Oil is used and sold in over 150 waxing studios across North America.
  • Ditch the razor. At least for as long as you can. Shaving your armpits every day is so hard on your skin. Consider letting your hair breath, grow, or just trim it using our Francesca Electric Trimmer for close grooming and pre-wax preparation.
  • Treat ingrown hairs. Those bumps under your armpits could be a stubborn ingrown hair that won't come out. Apply our Nude Ingrown Hair Treatment Oil right on the spot and watch how quickly that ingrown hair comes to the surface! If you want to find out more on how to prevent ingrown hairs on your armpits, click here.
  • Armpit hyperpigmentation. Are you noticing your armpits are getting dark, or do you have actual dark spots caused by hair removal or leftover ingrown hair scars? Our Bermuda Oil is a natural dark spot corrector that is a great way to lighten your armpits. This won't work overnight! You need to consistently apply Bermuda Oil.

Check out these before and after progress pictures. Do you still have questions or need help building a skincare routine for your armpits? Send an email to We are more than happy to help!

Before and After Photos using bushbalm on an armpit

All About Strawberry Legs and How to Get Rid of Them

All About Strawberry Legs and How to Get Rid of Them

Strawberry legs are the term to describe dark pores or ingrown hairs along your legs, resembling the seeds of a strawberry. Strawberry legs can make you feel uncomfortable and insecure, but there are things you can do and products that you can use to reduce or eliminate the look of dark pores on your legs to make you feel confident again! But - let's remember that "strawberry legs" are VERY normal, and many of us experience them.

Strawberry legs occur when your pores and hair follicles are blocked from excess oil, dry skin, and bacteria. Oftentimes this is caused by a lack of exfoliation, over shaving, using an old shaver, or not using products on your legs before, during, or after you shave. Fortunately, with the right routine and the right products, this can easily be prevented!

Here are some tips and products to eliminate the look of strawberry legs:


Strawberry legs can be reversed with just a little TLC. The main fix for this issue is to exfoliate regularly. Exfoliating gets rid of the dead skin cells that sit on the top of your skin, in turn reducing the likelihood of ingrown hairs. 


Nordic dry brush

The nordic dry brush is a tool that can be used daily to help brush off those dead skin cells.

  • To use this brush, start at your feet and work your way up, brushing in a circular motion. The thousands of fibers on this brush allow for a gentle exfoliation that leaves your skin feeling soft.
  • The brush is best used before a shower, to allow you to clean off the dead skin.

Nude exfoliating scrub

  • This product is 100% natural and vegan and helps further exfoliate the skin in the shower.
  • Made with tea tree oil, this sugar scrub prevents ingrown hairs and allows for a smoother surface for shaving.


Moisturizing is an important step in any shaving routine or daily skincare routine. Throughout the day, as you age or as the weather changes, your skin loses moisture and dries out. This causes layers of dry skin, which once again can contribute to symptoms of strawberry legs. Here at Bushbalm we created moisturizing oils that also work to prevent future ingrown hairs. 


Any of our oils

  • Nude Oil: Ingrown Hair Treatment
  • Bermuda Oil: Dark Spot Treatment
  • Sweet Escape Oil: Scented Ingrown Hair Treatment


Check out this before and after photos from a Bushbalm customer.

"I have only used it once but it seems to really calm down my irritated follicles. I am using it on my legs to help with "strawberry legs" (where the hair follicle turns red and irritated, most likely from sweat and bacteria). I ordered this oil and the dry brush. First picture is 2 days post shaving, no oil, just my regular moisturizer used in the morning. Second pic is 3 days post shaving, after a shower and exfoliation in the shower with the Nude oil applied after (I didnt get around to trying the dry brush yet). So far it seems to really soothe my skin, seems extremely moisturizing and the scent is barely noticeable. If it works this well on my legs, I can't wait to try it on other areas, especially for the summer!... will keep people posted to see progress after more time!"

What Strawberry Legs Look Like