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Promo 3 Pack

$24.00 USD
Promo 3 Pack

Promo 3 Pack

$24.00 USD

 100% Vegan
 Cruelty free  
 For all skin types 
 Will not clog pores 


Do you ever have trouble deciding what to get on the menu when everything looks so delish? We totally get it, so that’s why we love the Discovery & Travel Kit. It's like the tasting menu chez Bushbalm. Perfect for deciding what scent suits your style and a great compact size for bringing along with you.

Why a Discovery Kit? 

The Discovery Kit is a 6 week trial of our signature oils. This is enough time for you to try all the scents and for us to prove the effectiveness! 

What you should know: 

  • All of our products are 100% cruelty free
  • Every order is discretely packaged and shipped to avoid any awkward conversations, potentially at work! 
  • Our checkout is secure with Shopify 

Testimonial <3
"I am loving each of the travel size oils I ordered. The oil has really helped with my ingrown hairs, and the sweet Bermuda oil is probably my favourite scent of all. I have been using it as a perfume almost and it helps keep my skin from drying out all day. I’ll definitely be ordering more soon!" 

What's included: 

5ml of Sweet Escape Oil 
Sweet Escape is our tropical scent consisting of Tangerine and Vanilla. It's our top seller due to it's fresh scent and moisturizing capabilities. 

5ml of Oil or Ingrown Hairs 
It contains a higher percentage of tea tree oil to help soothe and prevent ingrown hairs. 

5ml of Bermuda Oil 
Bermuda mixed Vanilla and Bay Rum to give your skin a unique scent. Try it and you'll feel like you are on the white sand beaches! 

A Purse Size Box 
These three vials come in a durable box. Think fancy perfume meets skincare, down there. 

Ingredients & Benefits:  

  • Jojoba Oil /// A soft oil perfect for after shaving, waxing or sugaring 
  • Tea Tree Oil /// Effective anti-inflammatory that prevents ingrown hairs 
  • Grape Seed Oil /// Known to tighten and strengthen skin
  • Essential Oils /// Provide beautiful scents 

Bushbalm is not tested on animals and is 100% vegan.