Blog posts The Most Surprising and Best Products for your Pubic Hair

The Most Surprising and Best Products for your Pubic Hair

Your pubic hair has been long forgotten by both the skincare and haircare industries. Sadly it's been loop neglected, but no more. In this blog post we will reveal to you the top products you need for your pubic. Spoiler, many of these products you've likely only seen in the last few years. 

6 of the Best Products for your Pubic Hair 

Pubic Hair Oil 

Pubic hair oil is formulated to moisturize your most sensitive areas. The common ingredients are natural carrier and essential oils. Some common ingredients are Jojojba Oil (for moisturizing) and Grapeseed Oil (to help absorb faster). 

Benefits: Helps prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn 

Price Range: Between $26 and $75+ 

Best For: Pre & Post shaving or waxing. Daily to soothe your skin and pubic hair. 

Routine: Use daily & post hair removal

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Pubic Hair Oils in an image to see the shape of the bottle

Bikini Line Exfoliating Scrub 

Bikini line scrubs help remove dead skin cells and moisturize the skin The common ingredients are natural carrier and essential oils, as well as natural sugar or exfoliating beads. Some common ingredients are granulated sugar (for exfoliating) and natural oils, such as Jojoba Oil. 

Benefits: Exfoliates dead skin cells. 

Price Range: Between $23 and $60+  

Best For: Daily showering exfoliating routine

Routine: Use 3-4x a week 

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Exfoliating scrub being applied close up to a thigh and pubic area to see the texture of the scrub

Pubic Hair Trimmer 

A classic tool for your pubic hair, but one that has been forgotten throughout the 2000's. A pubic hair trimmer is typically corded and needs to be plugged into a power source. In recent years the rising of cordless, rechargeable trimmers has emerged. These trimmers typically come with guards, so you can trim your pubic hair low or to length, such as 1/4", 1/8" giving you more control over your desired lengths. 

You can now find pubic hair trimmers with guards specific to the correct height for pre-waxing, which is 1/4" long. 

Benefits: Easy to use and convenient 

Price Range: Between $40+ 

Best For: Those who struggle with razor burn 

Routine: When needed 

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A picture of a pubic hair trimmer next to a pubic oil close up so you can see the blade sharpness

Nourishing pH Body Wash 

Using a body was is no secret, but using a body wash or soap near your bikini line and pubic area is sensitive. To soften your pubic hair and skin you should be using a body wash that's ultra nourishing. Typically you'll find natural oils in a body wash that's pH balanced. The ideal pH level is on the acidic side; it falls between 4.5 and 5.5. 

Benefits: Nourishes skin and hair

Price Range: $20+ 

Best For: Those looking for a cleanse and hydration 

Routine: During your shower

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