Everything you need to know about Boob Creams and Décolleté Care

Everything you need to know about Boob Creams and Décolleté Care

From 2010 onwards the skincare industry has changed significantly. The industry has seen facial quality skincare move to other areas of the body; such as breasts, boobs and the décolleté. In this article we will cover some of the top ingredients in boob creams and why you should be caring for your 

décolleté on a regular basis. 

What is the décolleté? 

The décolleté refers to the skin just below the neck, leading into the breasts. Often exposed with a low neckline dress or shirt. 

Why care for your décolleté? 

Due to sun exposure and and often neglect the décolleté can appear aged at a faster rate then other areas of the body. With age this part of the body tends to wrinkle and show age spots. Moisturizing and applying SPF at a young age is critical to slow the aging process. 

Boob Creams for Perking

What types of products are most common for Boob and Décolleté skincare? 

  • Boob Creams 
  • Décolleté Masks 
  • Boob Masks 
  • Décolleté LED Masks 

Boob Creams 

Boob or breast creams are becoming very popular and are often simply referred to as firming creams. The formulas are typically made with ingredients that help perk skin and added extra hydration. It's also not uncommon for perking creams to include caffeine. 

Décolleté Masks 

These types of masks are often left on and then rinsed off after a specific period of time. They typically dry into the skin and help remove dead skin cells. 

Boob Masks 

Similiar to Décolleté Masks a Boob Mask is typically left on and removed in the shower. You can expect a boob mask to be more gentle than a Décolleté Mask. 

Décolleté LED Masks 

It's rare to find, but some companies have created Décolleté LED Masks. Blue light affects the uppermost layer of your skin. Yellow light penetrates deeper into the skin. Red light travels further into your skin, as well. 

Boob Cream for Firming

Why have Boob Creams specifically grown? 

According to the Beauty Independent "Brand founders in the breast wellness category emphasize that the shift in the type of breast products sold and discussions around them resonates emotionally as well as physically with consumers." 

As skincare evolves, so do the categories that are represented. The progression of body care categories has accelerated in the Covid era, as people wanted to take care of their bodies while remaining indoors and often away from office setting. 

Boob Creams

Is there a difference between a boob cream and a firming cream? 

You'll have to look closer at the ingredients, but generally these products will have similar ingredients with similar benefits. You can even expect firming belly or booty creams to perk and firm. 


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