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At Bushbalm, we pride ourselves on two basic principles.

1. The Highest Quality Oils 

Our team took over 3 months to secure the best oils on the market. We worked hard to get source these high quality oils and refuse to lower our standards. Not only are our oils the best in the industry, but we have a recipe worth celebrating. Each Bushbalm contains a higher % of Jojoba oil, which closely represents the natural oils of your body. Since Jojoba oil has a higher cost, none of our competitors (pubic oil, beard oil, etc) will compare. 

2. The Best Customer Experience Possible 

The owners of Bushbalm hand package and ship every single order. You shouldn't be surprised to get a hand written thank you note in your package. From social media to checkout process, the Bushbalm team wants you to have an effortless experience that's memorable. After all, Bushbalm is a product you could buy for yourself, or as a wonderful gift. 

A Letter From the Founders 

Bushbalm has been our life blood since early 2015. Ever since natural beauty products hit the scene we were fascinated with the possibilities. It all started when one of us used beard oil on our pubic region. The smell was great, it softened, but we knew it wasn't good enough. After that moment, we set out to make the worlds best oil for any sensitive area. It's kind of an assumption that it's made for people with just a bush, but that's not really true. Based on a few survey's we did, about 50% of our repeat user base shave, wax, or sugar, and the other 50% grow. It's really for any area hair and skin meet, so you can soothe or prevent ingrown hairs, reduce redness, and have soft skin! 


The Bushbalm Team 

The Team

The entire Bushbalm Team is located in the Ottawa, Canada area, where they manufacture the oils. Tim and Mel are the brains behind the operation, and always ensure every customer experience is as high quality as the oils themselves! Since 2016 the team has sold in over 15 countries, began wholesaling Bushbalm, and have made a big splash at craft shows across the Canada.

Every order gets handled with care and a personal touch from the owners!