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Does it help with ingrown hairs?


The Tea Tree Oil in Bushbalm will help prevent and treat ingrown hairs. Tea tree oil has a significant number of antibacterial properties, due to its high terpene alcohol content. Since it helps prevent and repair ingrown hairs, it's a critical part of the Bushbalm recipe. We want your hair down there to be smooth, and Tea Tree Oil helps!

 What if I shave or wax?

It works whether you shave, grow, wax, or even sugar! Either way, it softens the skin and any hairs that try to grow back. Additionally, the tea tree oil helps with ingrown hairs after a wax or shave. The product is all about softness of skin OR hair.

What are the ingredients and why?

Our team had a "recipe party" to create our initial mixes. A beard oil typically contains a higher content of Grape seed oil vs Jojoba oil. We decided to use more Jojoba oil, as it's the closest oil to the natural oils our bodies produce. We also added in Tea tree oil to help with ingrown hairs. The last part of the mix is various essential oils to give it a soft smell!

Is it for men and women?


Bushbalm is completely unisex. We've found the "Wilderness" scent to be more popular among men, but all scents are soft enough to be unisex.

Where can I buy Bushbalm?

Directly on our website or a Spa near you!

Is it all natural ingredients?

The Bushbalm recipe uses all natural carrier and essential oils. The highest quality Jojoba Oil is different than many oils, as it closely resembles sebum, a substance produced by our skin glands. Jojoba will act as a natural skin conditioner, due to this fact. We took our time ensuring the product would be the highest quality, since it's in the most sensitive area. However, never forget to test for allergies!

How big is the Bushbalm team?

The team is David, Kristine, Tim, and Melodie! Look for us on the news or in one of our local spa's. 

How does it help with redness and irritation?

Bushbalm softens hair & clears pores for fewer ingrown hairs and less redness.

Since Bushbalm has carrier oils such as Jojoba, you can expect it to reduce redness of your most sensitive area. Additionally, the Tea Tree Oil content will use natural properties to help with discomfort without the potential side effects of prescription or corticosteroids.

How often should I apply Bushbalm and how much?

For best results, you will want to use Bushbalm daily --- when your skin and hair is most receptive, which results within 2 minutes of showering. By applying post-shower the oils will soak in nicely and dry quickly. Depending on how much you prefer, we recommend 3-4 drops per use. 

To recap: 

- Apply daily out of the shower 

- 3 to 4 drops should do! 

- If you have irritation due to a fresh shave, wax, or sugar you may want to apply 2x per day for that time period 

Is Bushbalm Toxic?

Bushbalm contains Jojoba Oil, which can be toxic if digested. The oils are for external use only for this reason. Although the oils are mixed with Grape Seed Oil, which isn't toxic, it's still not recommended.