Francesca Trimmer

How to Guide

Francesca Trimmer

How to Guide

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Choose your guard for desired body hair length

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Press the power button and start

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Pull the skin taut and lightly press the buzzing razor onto skin

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Trim against the grain in gentle strokes

Why start trimming your pubic hair?

We've designed the Francesca Trimmer to be convenient, affordable and sleek.
Switching to trimming is a great option if you are struggling with post hair removal irritation. It's often less irritating on the skin and reduces the likelihood of getting an ingrown hair.
In addition, the convenience of using a waterproof and rechargeable trimmer makes showering and grooming one of the same.

Did you know

The Francesca Trimmer has a 6000 RPM motor and up to 5 hours of battery life,

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Detailed Steps

The Francesca Trimmer

The trimmer can be adjust to no guard, 3mm and 6mm.

A light will come on, as well as the moving trimmer blade.

With one hand pull the skin taut and with the other lightly press the buzzing razor head onto the skin.

Trim against the grain of hair growth with light and gentle strokes.

For best results apply a soothing oil after trimming.

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Cleaning your Trimmer

Remove the blade

On the backside of the trimmer you'll be able to remove the head of the trimmer.

Rinse thoroughly

Rinse the trimmer head under water to remove unwanted hair.

Lubricate the blade

Add lubricant to the blade to ensure it stay sharp, as long as possible.

Additional FAQ's

Not yet!

This is something we will launch shortly.

Don't fret!

Any trimmer lubricant market will do the trick. Typically, these are sold on Amazon and at drug stores.

Send us an email and we will help source a new one!

What’s next

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