The Body Rock

How to Guide

The Body Rock

How to Guide

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Clean your skin with our Nourishing Body Wash

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Wet your skin & the Body Rock

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Gently rub the Body Rock over rough patches and bumpy skin

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Use your Body Rock once per week, or more depending on sensitivity

What is a pumice stone?

A pumice stone is a natural, porous stone made straight from the earth. A pumice is formed when lava and water mix together. When the mixture of water and lava cools down, it hardens and results in a light rock with a porous texture that is helpful for exfoliation. The porous holes in a pumice stone provide gentle exfoliating properties on the skin, which helps remove layers of dead skin instantly, leaving behind smooth, and radiant skin.

So You Know

"It is possible to experience negative side effects while using a pumice stone if your skin is irritated or extremely sensitive. Do not use a pumice stone on irritated, broken, or sunburned skin or on your face."

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Detailed Steps

The Body Rock

Use our Nourishing Body Wash to clean skin and prepare for exfoliation.

Always wet your Body Rock and skin prior to exfoliating. If you use the Body Rock on dry skin it's likely going to cause irritation.

Gently rub the body rock on areas of your body you are looking to even out rough bumpy skin. The most common area for this to occur and benefit is the back of arms, as KP and rough bumpy skin is common

After use please rinse clean the Body Rock. This helps prevent any sort of built up on the body rock. Additionally, hang to dry in your shower.

Rinse your skin clean and apply your favorite moisturizing soothing oil within 2 minutes of showering.

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Most Common Questions

How do I clean it?

Ensure you are caring and cleaning for your pumice stone after each use as bacteria and fungus could grow inside the sone’s pores. You should also ensure that the stone drys completely before storing.

How often should I use it?

You should use a pumice stone as a form of exfoliation once a week. It is very important to not over-exfoliate. You should not use the pumice stone on skin flare-ups or irritations.

Additional FAQ's

2-3 months

If you are using your pumice stone roughly once a week, it should last you around 2-3 months. You should regularly inspect your pumice stone for signs of cracking or wear. Replace every 2-3 months for best results.

Pumice stones could be used to remove small unwanted body hair, but before you attempt this do a small patch of hair to test first. To do so, rub the pumice stone in a small circular motion similar to the way you would exfoliate until body hair starts to rub off. It is recommended that you wait at least 24 hours after the patch test to see if your skin reacts poorly as this is a harsh form of removal, especially for those with sensitive skin. Once body hair noticeably rubs off, move to another area. When you are done this, rinse your skin under warm water to remove any remaining loose hairs. Ensure you follow up with a moisturizing body lotion.

We don't recommend it.

The skin on your face is very sensitive so ensure you do not exfoliate for much longer as over-use could cause redness, skin damage, or a burning sensation. Do not use the product on irritated, broken, or sunburned skin.

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