Over 10 Million Women Are Affected By PCOS.

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PCOS Symptoms

Common symptoms of PCOS include: darkened skin on the neck, groin, underarms or skin folds, as well as excessive hair growth in androgen-sensitive areas like face, breasts, lower back.

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Meg Boggs shares how she shaves her face with PCOS.

How to shave your body with PCOS

Nude Ingrown Hair Scrub

Exfoliating before shaving is a must. Exfoliating the skin helps to remove dirt and dead skin cells which keeps your skin clean, and unclogs pores leading to a smoother, more painless shave.

Nude Ingrown Hair Oil

After your shave be sure to oil and moisturize the skin. By applying 2-3 pumps of oil, you are helping seal in moisture and protect skin from irritation, ingrown hairs, and razor burn.

PCOS causes excessive hair growth on my face. I’ve learned the hard way that this routine is essential if I want to avoid ingrown hairs and razor burn. This is the best for literally any area you shave and not have to deal with the aftrermath.


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Say Goodbye to Dark Spots

Our line of dark spot products helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots seen on the body as a result of PCOS.

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