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Your New Relaxation Routine

1. Take 10 Minutes For Yourself

Relax, the holidays are over! You can finally slow down and have some you-time.
Pro-Tip: Take this time to disconnect. We recommend putting your phone away so nothing gets in the way of your relaxation.

2. Set the mood

Whether you light a candle, take a steamy shower or throw on a robe - a calm environment will help you relax, feel at peace and get in the self-care mood.
Pro-tip: Use our Spa Day Nourishing Body Wash in the shower to transport yourself to a spa with our signature mood-boosting scent of citrus and luxurious notes of eucalyptus.

3. Try a Vajacial

Start the year fresh with an at-home vajacial - a 'vajacial and chill', if you will.
Watch an episode of your fave show, have a meditation sesh, or take a quick nap while you let our Hydrogel Vajacial Mask work its magic.
Pro-Tip: We recommend shaving it all off before using the vajacial for optimal relaxation.


"Ok, so this is the holy grail of products I never knew I needed in my life. Trust me when I say BUY THIS. I used it last night after a wax and I've never felt softer down under. Amazing products! I love you Bushbalm!"

- Hayley N.


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