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Nordic Dry Brush

$21.00 USD
Nordic Dry Brush

Nordic Dry Brush

$21.00 USD

The Nordic Dry Brush is your magic wand to feeling and looking your best. Your dry brush will do wonders for preventing ingrown hairs, restoring smooth skin, improving the look of cellulite, increasing your skin's ability to absorb moisturizers, upping your energy level and helping with digestion. (fairy dust not included)

The brush is a perfect combination with our natural oils that absorb quickly and efficiently to restore your skin’s moisture post brushing. Our Dry Brush is made with 1000s of fibres and a solid wood handle.

Every dry brush comes with a free storage bag so you can take your brush (aka magic wand) when you travel.

How to use the Bushbalm Nordic Dry Brush

How to use the Nordic Dry Brush: 

  • Prior to showering use the brush while dry. 
  • Start at your feet and brush upwards towards your heart, spending ample time on your bikini line and legs! 
  • The more you dry brush the less sensitive your skin will become to it. 
  • After brushing, hop in the shower to clean off the skin cells.

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