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Promo Pack

$9.99 USD $15.99 USD saving $6.00 USD
Promo Pack

Promo Pack

$9.99 USD $15.99 USD saving $6.00 USD

Sorry we're currently SOLD OUT

Since we're out of samples you can use discount code 'SOLDOUT25' for 25% off a full bottle purchase!  

Bushbalm soothes redness, irritation, and prevents ingrown hairs. It's highly effective --- even if you wax, shave or sugar! Order a sample pack to get three 2ml vials of our top sellers; Sweet Escape, Bermuda, and Nude. 


pubic hair oil


  • Jojoba Oil /// A soft oil perfect for after shaving, waxing or sugaring 
  • Tea Tree Oil /// Effective anti-inflammatory that prevents ingrown hairs 
  • Grape Seed Oil /// Known to tighten and strengthen skin
  • Essential Oils /// Provide beautiful scents 

pubic oil

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