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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Moisturizing Your Bum

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Moisturizing Your Bum

Here's why you should keep your tush feeling smooth 24/7.

You take facial skin care seriously, but have you ever considered showing your tush some extra love? Yes, your face goes through a lot but if you think about it, your tush might be going through more... I mean you do sit on your tush all the time. 

 Ways To Prevent Bum Acne

Here’s a list of reasons why you should moisturize and treat your tush daily. 

Helps with Butt Acne                                 

Acne can make your skin feel more greasy and oily than normal so moisturizing might be the last thing on your mind to help solve the issue. That said, your skin begins to produce more oil when the body is dry. These oils then begin to clog your pores. Replace those natural oils that can cause acne by applying oil-free and non-comedogenic moisturizing on your tush. Bikini season is right around the corner and while acne on your behind is totally normal, it's the last thing you should be thinking about in the summer.

Softens the Appearance of Stretch Marks

Many women find they get stretch marks during and after pregnancy and a lot of women find they get it just from normal growth spurts. Stretch marks are normal, making it common for so many to have them. Sometimes stretch marks can be very red, and look dry. There are so many different stretch mark treatments out there, but it’s important to start with the basics - smoothing the surface of your skin. Exfoliate with our Nude Exfoliating Scrub and then apply a cream that will help naturally tighten, hydrate and firm the skin like our Tush cream. Scrubbing away the irregularities of the surface will help with the appearance of stretch marks. Once you're done scrubbing and have rinsed off, apply a hydrating and firming cream that's going to help lock moisture in and soften the appearance of stretch marks.

How To Soften The Appearance Of Stretch Marks

Reduces the Look of Cellulite

A combination of dry brushing and moisturizing can reduce the cellulite on your bum. Cellulite isn’t something to be ashamed of - after all, most women have it and they normally notice it behind their thighs and on their bum. Gently use the Nordic Dry Brush on the skin in an upward circular motion to increase circulation in your bum and thighs. Do this right before the shower and within two minutes of hopping out of the shower, be sure to moisturize the area you dry brush. Moisturizing is essential within this process as it helps soothe and restore moisture in the skin, so don't forget to apply your Tush cream after the shower!


Keeps Your Tush Looking and Feeling Firm

Although your bum is not as sensitive as your face, there is still a daily loss of skin cells that will leave your tush vulnerable to dryness, and dryness can naturally lead to wrinkles. Keep your bum looking healthy and firm by moisturizing daily. 

How To Care For Your Bum


Treats Your Skin

Show your body some extra love and start indulging in skincare that was made for all parts of the body. Not only will you love the soft warm scent of Tush, you'll love the way it makes your skin feel. 

Tush Cream For Your Bum