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Skin Concerns We Tackle.


Dark Spots & Armpit Darkening

Ingrown Hairs & Bikini Bumps

Stretch Marks, Cellulite & Skin Firming

Hyperpigmentation & Sun Spots


Tried & Trusted


Already seeing results after 3 days. My dark spots are getting lighter and lighter. Thank you for this amazing product and excellent customer service. Must buy for anyone who is suffering from black spots.


Best ever for dark spots!

I bought bushbalm scrub and oil together, and after one use I see results of using it. It helps to get lighten my spots. If anyone wants to make their skin flawless and no dark spots I highly recommend them to use scrub and oil together.


Life Changer!!!

Skin is so smooth and fragrant after using this cream !

Has also softened the appearance of my stretch marks which I never even thought was possible !


Before & After Results



"I have had really ugly dark spots on my bikini line that I have been trying to get rid of for about 10 years, TEN. I’ve used everything you could think of from product I’ve seen online, to in store, to even making my own exfoliates and scrubs from scratch and nothing has ever really worked. I have been using bush balm for about 3 weeks now, 3-5 days a week with my shower routine. I am so glad I found bush balm because I can noticeably see the scars going away and since I’ve been using it, I haven’t had a single ingrown hair! I have always been so insecure about wearing bikini’s because of how ugly my bikini line is and I can finally say that by next bikini season, I’ll be ready! I didn’t take a before and after because I was really skeptical that it wasn’t going to work, but now I wish I would have.

Ladies, look no further because this is the best product out there and as long as they don’t change their product, I will forever be a customer!"


The best to prevent bikini bumps!!!
"I’ve been prone to getting ingrown hairs since my early 20’s. They are super painful and not pleasant whatsoever. After hearing about this product I decided to give it a try. This stuff is amazing! My skin is sensitive and ever since I’ve been using this product I haven’t had any ingrown hairs/ bumps since then. I will continue purchasing this product :)"


The skincare, everywhere bundle
"to say I’m in LOVE in an understatement! I’m obsessed with Bushbalm ! I recently got the nude scrub, Bermuda dark spot oil, and the tush firming cream and WOOOOW. Just wow !!The nude scrub is super delicate, very gentle for all skin types. The Bermuda oil has already been working wonders, I can’t wait to show my results ! I’ve always been self-conscious of my darker armpit area and already I can see it improve the dark spots and reducing red bumps and ingrown hairs !All the products smell amazing, including the new tush firming cream, like on a vacation !They all come in very cute, modern but minimalist, packaging that looks great on the counters or in the shower.Honestly I am very satisfied with my product purchases and I will definitely be a repeat customer !I love what Bushbalm is doing, breaking down those barriers and opening the conversation to “oh you deal with that too?!”I think this is an amazing company, doing amazing things, with great ingredients! I can’t wait to see the other products you come out with !"


Clean Ingredients

No Animal Testing

Gynecologist Approved