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2024 Pubic Hair Styles & Trends

Learn the about top styles and pubic hair tools.

Pubic Hair Trimmer Graphic
Pubic Hair Trimmer Graphic

Top Pubic Hair Styles of 2024

At Bushbalm we focus on bikini line skincare and have a deep expertise in waxing, shaving and trimming pubic hair.

This list is not exhaustive, but a good representation of the trends we've been seeing in the industry.

Trimming close up pubic hair on bikini line

Top Trends

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Getting a Full Brazilian Wax

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Using a Bikini or Ball Trimmer

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Growing the Bush

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The Landing Strip

Trimming close up pubic hair on bikini line

More Pubic Hair Trends of 2024

The Arrow

This pubic hair style is a common mix of shaved and trimmed. Allow yourself to grow out a little bit of pubic hair, but keep the sides nice and clean.
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Pubic Hair Style the Arrow

The Bermuda Triangle

In 2021 this style wasn't as popular, but we are now seeing more growth in the pubic region and more trimming! This is a common options to again keep the sides nice and groomed, while leaving hair in the pubic region.
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Pubic Hair Style for Bermuda Triangle

The Bush

Growing out your pubic hair isn't shocking in 2022! It's actually much more common to grow out your pubic hair this year and will continue to be a trend, as more people feel comfortable with their skin and hair.
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The Pubic Hair Bush Style

The Martini Glass

A slightly smaller version of the Bermuda Triangle. Growing out some pubic hair, while keeping it clean around the edges. It's really common to purchase a bikini trimmer to groom the sides of your pubic hair.
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The Martini Glass Pubic Hair style

The Landing Strip

A common pubic hair style that's come and gone. However, in 2022 the landing stripe is making a serious comeback. Next time you get a wax just ask for one!
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The landing strip as a pubic hair style

Ever tried pubic care products?

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Pubic Oil for bikini line

The Routine to Soften Your Pubic Hair

Softening the skin and hair is critical to achieve the optimal pubic hair.

Use Daily

Add a few drops onto clean skin and massage gently until it begins to absorb. For best results, apply the oils within 2 minutes of showering or bathing.

Recommended Areas

Bikini line, underarms, legs, neck or anywhere else skin is experiencing dark spots, hyperpigmentation or discoloration.

Hand pumping out bushbalm oil
Hand pumping out bushbalm oil

Pubic Hair Advice

For best results use oils daily, within 2 minutes of showering, as this is when the skin and pubic hair is more absorbent.
To get the softest skin and be itch free we recommend also exfoliating your pubic hair between 2-3 times a week.

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