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At Bushbalm™ we're creating an Instagram filter where you can find out your pubic hair style. This blog post will show you how to find the filter and use it, as well as the pubic hair styles. 

How to find the Pubic Hair Style Instagram Filter? 

  1. Go to @bushbalm on Instagram. 
  2. Scroll down to the section where you can see the timeline, shop option, tagged phones and now you should see 'filters'! 
  3. Slick the filters and find the 'what's your hair style filter?' 
  4. Hold the button and record until you get your results! 

What are the pubic hair styles in the filter?  

The Arrow 

Pubic Hair Style - The Arrow

The Bermuda Triangle 

Pubic Hair style Bermuda Triangle

The Braid

The Bush 

Pubic Hair Style - Is the bush back?

The Martini Glass 

Pubic Hair and why it itches

The 5 O'Clock Shadow 

Five O'Clock Shadow Pubic Hair Filter

The Silver Fox 

Pubic Hair Styles

The Landing Strip 

Landing Strip is the best pubic hair style

The Postage Stamp 

Postage Stamp Pubic Hair