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Two Causes of Dark Circles Under Armpits

Two Causes of Dark Circles Under Armpits

If you are suffering from dark circles and/or discolouration under your armpits this is a great article to help you learn the causes and find a treatment that might work for you. 

What causes dark circles under your armpits?  

Before we dive too far into the content we should go over some of the causes of these brown underarm circles, dark spots, or hyperpigmentation in your pits! They are the worst, believe me! 

1. Hair Removal or Irritation 

It's not uncommon for chaffing or hair removal to cause your skin to get a darker hue than your skin. This is often referred to as hyperpigmentation, which is excess production of melaninConsult a medical professional for deeper insight into your specific example, but if you expect this to be caused by repeat hair removal or irritation there are steps you can take. 

If your experiencing brown circles or dark spots from hair removal you can work to exfoliate the area in-between hair removal. To do this, we recommend a natural dark spot exfoliant that is high in ingredients that break down the melanin. Often these products are high in vitamin c and gentle exfoliators since they are being used in a sensitive area. 

Another common cause of dark circles in your underarms is constant chaffing. To combat these concerns you can implement an anti-chafe product or a dark spot soothing oil. These will soften the skin and hair, which will prevent the usual chaffing you experience. 

"these products are high in vitamin c and gentle exfoliators" 

2. Reaction from a Deodorant  

Chemical irritation can be a common cause of underarm darkening. Many deodorants contain aluminum, which can clog pores and cause further inflammation. This daily, weekly, monthly cycle is a repeating factor for darkening underarms. 

If you are seeing darkness from your antiperspirant or your deodorant you can look to switch to a more natural product. It's common for your body to go through a purging cycle after using a new product with different ingredients. This is natural, but can be quite the trouble for you as a customer. Stay patient! It won't last forever. 

"Many deodorants contain aluminum, which can clog pores and cause further inflammation"

Is it more common for those with darker skin tones to experience brown circles under their underarms? 

This is sadly the case. Hyperpigmentation and darker underarms is more common for people of color. The presence of increased melanin in the skin leads to this increased risk of hyperpigmentation. 

It's quite common to see dark spots in a variety of areas on the body, not just the underarms. For instance, you can see these popup from the scar of an ingrown hair or a pimple. This is why it's required to use gentle products to treat these spots, as they generally occur in sensitive areas. 

Examples of brown circles underarms 

Example of Brown Circles Underarms  

 Example 2 of brown circles underarms

Three Products Recommended to Combat Brown Circles Underarms 

Dark Spot Treatment Oil 

If you are looking for a 100% natural treatment for underarm discolouration and brown circles this is a great option. Formulated to target the area of underarms and bikini line. 

Underarm treatment  

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Dark Spot Exfoliating Scrub  

This scrub is gentle enough to use in your underarms, but effective for your full body. The nourishing effects work to break down the melanin in your skin. If you are struggling with your underarms the trick to speed up the process will be exfoliation. Regular routine for exfoliation will speed up the process. 

exfoliant that combats hyperpigmentation Dark Spot Scrub

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Underarm Lightening & Dark Spot Kit 

For best results here is a kit that's built specifically for this condition. 

Dark Spots 3 Step Routine Bushbalm Dark Scrub Kit

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