Glycolic Acid Deodorant Article

What is a Glycolic Acid and will it lighten your armpits?

What is Glycolic Acid? 

Glycolic Acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) made from sugar cane. It has significant benefits and is often found in face quality skincare. Due to its texture, it can penetrate the skin and exfoliate deeply. 

Glycolic Acid Deodorant Before and After

How much Glycolic Acid is safe? 

It's safe to use Glycolic Acid in small doses, but using higher concentrations can be dangerous to your skin longterm. People with dry or sensitive skin often have a harder time using Glycolic Acid. It's more common to benefit people with oily, normal or combination skin. 

To get the best out of Glycolic Acid in your routine: 

  • Look for lower concentrations of Glycolic Acid 
  • Always patch test 

What does Glycolic Acid do as a deodorant? 

Since Glycolic Acid has such a light weight molecule it's becoming a more common ingredient in deodorants. 

The benefits: 

  • Reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation 
  • Helps lighten the skin 
  • Helps remove dead skin cells 
  • Reduces body odor 

How lighten your underarms in general? 

Hyperpigmentation has become a mainstream topic and those looking to lighten their underarms has become even more popular. Using Glycolic Acid is just one of many ways to lighten your underarms and reverse the discolouration. 

Other products to consider for lightening your underarms: 

Glycolic Acid Deodorant

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