How To Use The Francesca Trimmer

How To Use The Francesca Trimmer

When we created the Francesca Trimmer, we wanted this tool to be as easy to use as possible. We understand that life can get hectic and you may not always have the time to hop in the shower and do a full grooming routine. That being said, this blog will outline: 1) how to use the Francesca Trimmer; 2) how to care for your trimmer after use; and 3) offer a suggested hair removal routine for those who intend to use the trimmer before shaving/waxing/sugaring. 

How to Use the Francesca Trimmer

Determine the desired length for your body hair 

The trimmer comes with an adjustable guard that can be added or removed. The shorter setting of the guard will leave you with 3mm of hair and the longer setting will leave you with 6mm of hair. Once the guard is removed, you will get an extremely close shave that will leave you with very minimal hair.



Press the ON button 



With one hand, pull the skin taut and with the other lightly press the buzzing razor head onto the skin. 


Trim against the direction of growth


Once you’re done, press power button to turn off the trimmer and proceed to cleaning your trimmer.

How to Care for Your Trimmer

Francesca Trimmer should be cleaned after every use. First, begin by removing and rinsing the blade under water. 

How to remove the blade:

Face the side with the power button towards you. Place your thumb above the gold line on the flat surface that is on an angle. 


 Move the tip of your thumb to the white part of the blade. 


Gently push on the white part until the blade pops out. 


Once the blade has been removed, rinse the blade and the trimmer under warm water. After giving the trimmer a good rinse, pop the blade back onto the trimmer. 

Lubricate the blade. The trimmer comes with a complimentary blade lubricant to ensure that the blade stays sharp for as long as possible. Add a single drop on the trimmer blades while running. Leave lubricant on blades until next use and then wipe off excess with dry cloth or paper towel.


Use the brush to clean away any remaining hairs stuck in the blade. Store the trimmer in a clean and dry place for later use. 

Customer Reviews

"After having my first child, the discomfort of razor shaving just didn't feel like an option anymore. Both my husband and I use this trimmer to stay neat and tidy and it's perfect! I love the thin profile and the fact that it's wireless and waterproof."


"This is by far the best trimmer I have ever tried. It is the perfect size for trimming smaller areas and it really does trim pretty closely. I love that it's cordless and rechargeable and that you can use it in the shower. It also just feels super durable, powerful and comfortable in your hand. I used it without any guard and it got really close to the skin without nicking so long as I held my skin tightly. Definitely a worthwhile purchase!"


"This is the perfect trimmer. It’s quiet, yet performs extremely well. I have very sensitive skin and this trimmer never nicks my skin or irritates it. On top of this, the design is beautifully thought out and looks great."

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