Mens Waxing Tips on the Manzilian Wax

Esthetician Insight on the Manzilian Wax - Men's Waxing 101

As a precursor this article was written by Karyn O'Hara a professional Esthetician out of Ottawa, Canada. She practices waxing and other professional salon services. 

Men’s Waxing

Do men wax? They absolutely do! Over the course of the last couple of years, men have grown increasingly curious about waxing. Whether it’s just a simple brow wax or a body wax, we’re starting to see more men in salons. 

Manzilian Waxing

What Can Men Wax? 

If you’ve got hair on your body, we can wax it! Arms, legs, underarms, private area, you name it. The most common areas men will get waxed are their chest and back. Lots are also coming in for brow maintenance, to help maintain unruly brows and more are starting to come in for the male Brazilian. There aren’t many areas you can’t wax, but there are a few I wouldn’t really recommend, that you can see below!

Can Men Wax Their Head?

You definitely can, but I wouldn’t recommend it. If you’re wanting to achieve a smooth, bald head, waxing your scalp is a pretty extreme route to go. I’d just recommend sticking to buzzing and shaving, it’s easier and fair less painful!

Can Men Wax Their Facial Hair?

This is kind of a yes and no. The fine, light hair that grows on the apples of your cheeks above a beard, yes. The whole beard, no. Men’s facial hair is really coarse and deeply rooted, so this would be another case of being extremely painful.

What Is A Brazilian Wax For Men?

Exactly the same as for female genitalia, but for the male private area, where you’ll have the entire area fully waxed. You’ll see it advertised as simply “Male Brazilian” or as either a “Manzilion” or “Brozilian” 

The Brazilian wax services are separated by names like this, as to not have clients confused as to which service to book for. Not all estheticians and waxers are trained to wax male genitalia, so you want to be sure you’re booking the correct appointment. This makes sure that you’re booking with someone who is trained to perform the service safely. If you’re unsure if a salon offers male Brazilians, don’t hesitate to call and ask!

What is a Manzilian Wax?

The term has recently been coined to describe when a men gets a wax, that for women, would be described as a brazilian wax. 

Men's Waxing

What Is Waxed In A Men’s Brazilian?

Like a female Brazilian you can choose how much you want removed. Under the service list they’ll be a list of what is covered in your wax. It can be a full wax or partial, where you can have it all removed or you can leave a shape, like a landing strip or triangle. It’s totally your prerogative. Generally you’ll have the hair removed from:

  • The Pubic mound
  • The Shaft and Testicles
  • The Perineum and between your butt cheeks

Some of the “Brozilian” waxes also have the option to remove the hair from your bikini line (the area outside of your underwear) and your buttocks. You can confirm with your waxer what is all covered in your service.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Should Men Wax? 
  • Is it Weird? 
  • What Wax Should I Use? 
  • Are their Male Salons? 
  • How do I prepare? 
  • How long does it last? 

Should Men Wax?

It’s completely up to you. If it’s something that you really want to try, go for it, but if you’re not interested you don’t have too. Wax only if YOU want to wax, there is nothing wrong with a bit of body hair.

Is It Weird For Men To Get A Brazilian Wax?

Absolutely not! Lots of men get them done. Most are completely fine with trimming or shaving, but I would highly recommend at least trying it once if you’re always shaving the area. Waxing mixed with the right skincare maintenance will help keep away irritation and ingrown hairs, while leaving smooth looking skin for longer.

What Is The Best Wax For Men’s Hair Removal?

For body waxing soft wax is most commonly used and for Brazilian’s either soft or hard wax can be used. Most waxers are more comfortable using hard wax, as its easier to apply to the area that is not quite a flat surface. Hard wax is also formulated to be amazing on very coarse hair, and grasp it nicely for removal. It’s also very gentle on the sensitive skin in the groin region, but both waxes are suitable for the service.

Are There Male Specific Salons?

There are men’s spa’s located all throughout the world! These salons have professionals who specialize in services catered towards men. They are also a good space for anyone who wants a bit more privacy while getting groomed. By privacy, I mean that many salon’s are predominately female, so it can seem pretty intimidating for some men to go into. A male getting waxed for the first time may want to be in a space just for men, so they feel a bit more comfortable. But just know if you are a man wanting to get waxed, you can go to ANY salon. 

How Do I Prepare For My Waxing?

While a lot of men now have a great and extensive skincare routine, for some it’s still very unfamiliar. When preparing to be waxed on any part of your body, there are some things you should consider doing to prepare before going in. If the hair is really long, you can trim it a bit, but not too much. Make sure there is still at least a 1/4 inch of length. Exfoliate the area to remove any skin build up for easy hair removal. 

After your appointment and in-between your appointments, continue to exfoliate 2-3 times a week and moisturize everyday!

How Long Does Waxing Last On Men?

Every body is different, for some people hair may grow quicker than others. But generally you’ll want to come back for your wax every 5-6 weeks.


Coming into a salon be scary, especially if you’re new to the whole thing. Hair removal is never a fun thing, but we are masters of distraction. We will help guide you through the process, take your mind off of it and make it the best experience you’ll ever have. We love what we do and we love our clients, so we will never leave you hanging! So if you’ve been teetering on the idea for awhile, pick up that phone and make the call - we’re here to help!

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